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A note about the images used on this site

Most of the images on this site (http://www.greyfriarsindex.co.uk) are scanned from original publications or from various facsimile editions published by the Howard Baker Press and Hawk Books. A small number have been culled from other sources. All images are still the copyright of the original publishing companies (Amalgamated Press for virtually everything pre 1945, a variety of publishers since then). A particular thanks to Stewart at www.friardale.co.uk for permission to use many of the scanned cover art images from his site. All the design elements on this site have been created by me.

I've used a lot of pictures on this site, mainly to give you an idea of what the original publications looked like as they are often difficult to obtain (as are some of the facsimile editions); but also because the pictures may help you identify any books or comics you have. I've tried to indicate who holds the copyright (usually from the copyright information in the original publication), but this hasn't always been possible. If I've inadvertently missed assigning copyright to any images, or got the copyright info wrong, please let me know.

This website has been built purely for my own enjoyment, and is not for profit. You must not use or reproduce any of the images or text on this site for any activity that is illegal or for profit.

Feel free to link to this site (in which case, please link to the home page http://www.greyfriarsindex.co.uk/index.htm). If you wish to provide copies of the Acrobat listings on your own site, or use details from the html listings and guides, please credit me / this website. Any questions or not sure what you can do or use, please email me.


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