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Greyfriars is a famous fictional school, situated in the county of Kent, on the southern coast of England, created by Charles Hamilton under the pseudonym of Frank Richards. Now a Public School, built on the ruins of a monastery sacked by Henry VIII, it was originally founded as a place for poor boys to gain an education.

The school was created for a new boys' paper, The Magnet, first published by the Amalgamated Press on 15 February 1908. It was to run for 32 years until World War II paper shortages finally killed it in 1940. Its principal cast includes various members of the Remove or Lower Fourth Form, such as Harry Wharton and Co, Billy Bunter, and Herbert Vernon-Smith [the Bounder]; taught by H. S. Quelch MA.

Rookwood was a school in Hampshire, created by Charles Hamilton for the Boys Friend. It's main character was Jimmy Silver.

St. Franks now has a page to itself here.

St. Jim's (or St. James Collegiate School, to give it its full title) was created by  Charles Hamilton originally for Pluck. Following the launch of the Gem in 1907 and a decision by its editor to amalgamate St. Jim's with Clavering School, St. Jim's came into its own as the school that educated Tom Merry.

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