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The Boys Friend Cedar Creek stories (1917-1921)

1917    1918    1919    1920    1921    GHA    SOL

The Boys Friend was a long-running story paper, whose speciality was a range of short stories featuring recurring characters each week. The stories had to be original, and could be serial or self-contained in form. The Cedar Creek stories were Martin Clifford's first attempt to sustain a series in foreign climes. And uniquely, this series featured Martin Clifford writing about the schooldays of his fellow author Frank Richards!

Follow the links on the left. The series only lasted 4 short years, though several stories were later reprinted. See the story papers section of the Friardale site to read a small number of the stories, including the start of the sequence. Many were reprinted in the yellow and blue Gems of the late 1930's.


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