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The Greyfriars Holiday Annual 1920-1941

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The Greyfriars Holiday Annual was established in 1919 (with the first volume published in September 1919) to target the Christmas book market. The first holiday annual sold for 6 shillings, beyond the reach of those children who paid 2d a week for their favourite story papers; and was marketed as the perfect present from a relative. That volume contained 360 pages of (mainly) new fiction about Greyfriars, St. Jim's and Rookwood schools, with a host of additional features (poems, articles, a play, etc.) supposedly written by the characters.

Some of the annuals have been reprinted in facsimile form by the Howard Baker Press, but it is still possible to get hold of original annuals (often with tatty covers).

The links on the left will take you to complete listings for the Holiday Annuals on a year by year basis. Where possible, I have added thumbnails of the covers for the period.

You can also download the complete Greyfriars Holiday Annual listings in Adobe Acrobat format. Right click here and choose "save target as" to download the Acrobat file.

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