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Museum Press (1972-1997)

Miscellaneous publications

New Musical Express

The Museum Press was an offshoot of the Charles Hamilton Museum, and published a number of books on his writings from 1972's "A History of the Magnet and Gem" to 1997's "90 Glorious Years" - a mixture of new research and commentary and articles previously published in the Collector's Digest. All the books included a wealth of illustration (in fact volume 6 is almost entirely illustrations).

The Museum Press has also reprinted a small number of Charles Hamilton's stories that have become increasingly difficult to obtain.






A History of the Magnet and Gem

Eric Fayne & Roger Jenkins


The Greyfriars’ Characters

John Wernham & Mary Cadogan [after JNP]


Centenary Edition 1876-1976



The Schoolgirl’s Album

Mary Cadogan & John Wernham



Eric Fayne, Roger Jenkins, Mary Cadogan & Breeze Bentley


The Gem Story

John Wernham & Mary Cadogan


From Wharton Lodge to Linton Hall

Mary Cadogan & Tommy Keen


Greyfriars Commentary & Book of Verse


90 Glorious Years

John Wernham and Mary Cadogan

  Billy Bunter Picture Book



The Boy Without a Name

Frank Richards

BFL 1/288

The Boy Without a Name / Rivals & Chums

Frank Richards

BFL 1/288 & 1/328


Charles Hamilton Calendar for 1982


Charles Hamilton Calendar for 1987


Charles Hamilton Library Catalogue

Roger Jenkins


The Housemaster’s Homecoming

Martin Clifford

G 393 DN


The Morcove Companion

Mary Cadogan & Tommy Keen


The Mysterious X

Martin Clifford

G 247-248


The St. Frank's Jubilee Companion

Edited by Robert Blythe


A Strange Secret

Martin Clifford

G 436-437

Tom Merry & Co. / Tom Merry’s Conquest

Martin Clifford

BFL 1/30 & 1/38

"A History of the Gem and Magnet" © The Museum Press 1972 "The Greyfriars Characters" © The Museum Press 1976 "Centenary Edition" © The Museum Press 1976 "The School Friend" © The Museum Press 1979 "Rookwood" © The Museum Press "The Gem Story" © The Museum Press 1982 "From Wharton Lodge to Linton Hall" © The Museum Press 1984 "The Morcove Companion" © The Museum Press "The Mysterious X" © The Museum Press "The St. Frank's Jubilee Companion" " © The Museum Press 1977"A Strange Secret" by Martin Clifford © Museum Press

Miscellaneous publications

New Musical Express

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