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The Schoolboys Own Library (1925-1940)

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The Schoolboys Own Library was established in 1925 by C M Down as a means of reprinting earlier stories from the Magnet, Gem, etc. Sub editors at the Amalgamated Press would select and edit the stories, and the original author would be paid an honorarium for the re-use of his story. Originally two volumes were published each month, containing 64 pages, but from issue 167 each volume was expand to 96 pages.

The series came to an end due to the paper shortages of World War II. From issue 394 the price increased from 4d to 4 1/2d, from issue 409 the page count decreased to 64 pages, and the last three intended issues (412-414) were not published.

The links on the left will take you to complete listings for the stories on a year by year basis. Where possible, I have added thumbnails of the covers for the period.

You can also download the complete Schoolboys Own Library listings in Adobe Acrobat format. Right click here and choose "save target as" to download the Acrobat file.


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