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Schoolboys Own Library: sources

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SOL for 1925

By default, stories by the following authors are assumed to be about specific schools and reprinted from a specific source unless otherwise specified (usually indicated by the name of the school in square brackets after the name of the story:




Original source


Edwy Searles Brooks

St. Frank’s

The Nelson Lee Library

Martin Clifford

St. Jim’s

The Gem

Owen Conquest


The Boy’s Friend

Frank Richards

Greyfriars School

The Magnet

The other stories / authors are as follows:


Martin Clifford

Cedar Creek

The Boy’s Friend 847 on (August 1917 – mid 1921)

Charles Hamilton

High Coombe (the School for Slackers)

The Modern Boy 371-393 of 1934

Charles Hamilton


The Modern Boy

Charles Hamilton

St. Dorothy’s

Boy’s Realm 370 on

John Lance


The Boy’s Friend c.1927

Michael Poole

St. Katies

The Boy’s Friend c. 1923-1924

Michael Poole


Boy’s Magazine

Earnest Protheroe

The Tanglewood Twins

The Boy’s Friend [?]

Frank Richards


The Ranger c. numbers 82-130 of 1932-33

Frank Richards


The Gem 1405-1434

Frank Richards

St. Kit’s

School & Sport and The Boy’s Friend 1924-1925

Eric Roche


The Modern Boy

G. E. Rochester

St. Freda’s

The Popular

SOL home


SOL for 1925

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