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Howard Baker Union Jack editions (1972-1974)

Howard Baker Nelson Lee volumes

Hutchinson's Pie

Sexton Blake detective first appeared in a story entitled "The Missing Millionaire" by Hal Meredith, printed in the sixth issue of the Halfpenny Marvel in 1893 (and reprinted in Collector's Pie 2 by Howard Baker). The Halfpenny Marvel and the Union Jack Library initially ran a variety of adventure, thriller and detective stories (daring detectives, escaped convicts, mad scientists, etc.), including a number of Sexton Blake's rivals (e.g. Nelson Lee). Eventually the Union Jack's main story became a Sexton Blake one, with a variety of authors contributing stories.

 Howard Baker Press published two volumes of Union Jack facsimile editions, and also included Union Jack facsimiles in a number of their annual and omnibus volumes.


Sexton Blake Star of Union Jack

Gwyn Evans, Robert Murray, Rex Hardinge, Edwy Searles Brooks, Lewis Jackson

Union Jack 1493, 1526, 1528-9, 1531, Detective Weekly 1


Crime at Christmas

Gwyn Evans, Edwy Searles Brooks

Union Jack 1131-2, 1157, 1210, 1260, 1313

"Sexton Blake - Star of Union Jack" Union Jack volume 1  Amalgamated Press & Howard Baker Press 1972 "Crime at Christmas" Union Jack volume 2  Amalgamated Press & Howard Baker Press 1974

Howard Baker Nelson Lee volumes

Hutchinson's Pie

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