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Who's Who and What's What: B

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BABCOCK, JACK The grandson of the original owner of the SS Heart’s Desire, a wreck on the beach at Pegg. He and Marline Joe were both after the pearls hidden on board. [M 872 by SEA]

BADGER, MR FRED The stage manager of Mr Whiffles pantomime company at Lantham, and Conchita’s fiancée. He would have sacked Frank Nugent for cheek, but for Conchita’s intervention. [M 409]

BAGANDA An African tribe in Uganda, some of whom were employed on the Boa Vista estate. [M 1230]

BAGSHOT, JOE A character created by Wibley for a play about gambling, “Barker to the Bookie”. He used the character to pose as a bookie, and cure Bunter of wanting to bet on the races. [M 1068]

BAHADUR, JAM MUNNY SINGH Hurree Singh’s uncle and Regent of Bhanipur during his minority, he hosted a Christmas house party at his residence in London. [M 723]

BAJI RAO Hurree Singh’s cousin and pretender to the throne of Bhanipur. After several failed attempts to kidnap Hurree Singh in England, he staged an unsuccessful coup in Bhanipur, having captured Hurree Singh on a tiger hunt. After the coup collapsed he escaped with a Russian agent provocateur, Lazaroff, who murdered him to improve his own chances of escape. [M 960-970 = C4]

BAKER A one-time member of the Third form. [M 130]

BAKER, MR The local miller, who has a mill powered by a waterwheel near Friardale. [M 1240]

BAKER, MR Proprietor of Baker’s Boatyard, on the Sark just below Friardale bridge. He hired out the Waterlily to the Famous Five for a summer cruise, shipping it to Kingston-upon-Thames (to his nephew’s boatyard) for the start of the holidays. [M 1643]

BAKER STREET, LONDON Ferrers Locke’s home address.

BAKER’S MILL A mill on the Sark close to the weir. It is out of bounds to all below the Fifth because of the dangerous waters. Nugent Minor & Co. were rescued from here by Carlow when their boat capsized. [M 1240]

BAKER’S POND The reservoir supplying the mill’s waterwheel. [M 1240]

BALDWIN A parrot bought in the Orient by Mr Green, mate on the Silver Star. It was named on account of its chattering resembling that of a contemporary politician. Bunter conned 15/- out of Mr Green by betting that it could talk, and then using his ventriloquism to win, until he was exposed by the Famous Five. [M 1186]

BALMICRUMPET, PROFESSOR Wrote a book on ventriloquism, from which Bunter learnt the basic skills. [M 32]

BALOO An island near Kalua, populated by a savage tribe who attacked the Greyfriars party on their way there. [M 1589]

BANBURY PET, THE A boxer trained by Drury’s ex-manager, who took part in an illegal tourney at the Three Fishers. [M 988]

BANCROFT A member of the Sixth form and First XI football team.

BANE Franz Kranz’ manservant, who helped his master kidnap the Bounder, and then Redwing, when they got too close to the truth of Cherry’s kidnapping. He received a jail sentence for his pains. [M 1356-1358]

BANKER Skinner & Co.’s favourite card game. It involves the banker dealing piles of cards face down on which the players then bet blind. Those whose bottom card is equal or lower to the banker’s lose their money.

BANKS, JOSEPH An habitué of the Three Fishers, on occasions ‘resting’ in jail. On one occasion he was arrested whilst running an illegal casino [cf. Tickey Tap in G 282] as Ponsonby had tipped the police off in the hope of getting de Courcy arrested.

BANTHORPE A timid one-time member of the Remove, who disappeared into the background upon his arrival. [M 232] He even did not want to get involved in fights. [M 251] He may have been a day boy.

BARAK A member of Ludwig Krantz’ slave trading gang. Having captured Smithy and the Famous Five, he was killed by Kikolobo whilst sailing his captives down the Congo. [M 1235]


BARCROFT A public school in Norfolk attended by Julian Devarney before he came, briefly, to Greyfriars. [M 1126-1128]

BARENGRO A renegade gypsy. Along with Melchior, he kidnapped Marjorie Hazeldene and robbed her of her belongings. [M 5 reprinted G 1479-1480] In custody and committed to trial, they manage to escape. They later tried to steal Hurree Singh’s diamond, which Wharton had in his possession for safe keeping. [M 9 reprinted G 1487-1488]

BARENGRO He kidnapped Maurice Angel to bring him up as a thief in revenge for a sentence handed down by Denys Angel, believing Mick to be Denys Angel’s son. Mick eventually escaped from him and was brought to Greyfriars by Sir Hilton Popper, as a reward for saving Sir Hilton’s life. Barengro tracked him down and tried to kidnap him again, but died by his own hand when Mick was rescued by a crowd of Remove fellows. [M 819-823]

BARKER, MR The mate of the MV Fanny Jones. [M 964]

BARKER TO THE BOOKIE A play written by Wibley for the Remove Dramatic Society. He modified the part to become Mr Bagshot and teach Bunter a lesson about gambling. [M 1068]

BARLEYMOW INN The Inn used in Little Puddleford as the headquarters of the farmers fighting the distraint of William Waggs’ property for non-payment of tithes. The Famous Five and Bunter stopped here to have lunch on their hiking tour. [M 1333]

BARNES A one-time prefect and member of the Sixth form. [M 106]

BARNES The Head’s chauffeur. He had previously served under Colonel Wharton during World War I as Arthur Poynings, and had been sent to prison for forging a cheque. Using Greyfriars as a base, he committed a number of robberies in the locality as the Courtfield Cracksman, until he was finally caught by Inspector Irons. [M 1138-1150]

BARNEY THE BINGER Actually Saul Crake, who had kidnapped Miss Bullivant’s younger brother Richard, aka Skip, some years previously. He had taught Skip a pickpocket double act, but when Coker insisted on Skip going to Greyfriars, Barney hung around trying to get Skip back. Eventually, Miss Bullivant recognised him, and handed him into custody on kidnapping and other charges. [M 1552-1554]

BARR A one-time member of the Remove form, and one of Bulstrode’s cronies. [M 45]

BATES A one-time member of the Upper Fourth form, and a member of their debating society. [M 9]

BATES The butler of Hogben Grange. [M 1215]

BATES A thief in league with Pawson to rob Gadsby Croft and frame the Famous Five, camping in the paddock nearby. Vernon-Smith overheard the plot, and the Famous Five caught him red-handed with the loot. [M 1339]

BATES, JOE A fisherman and neighbour of Redwing’s at Hawkscliff. [M 922 by SEA]

BATES, SLINKER A young tramp who stole Hobson’s watch. When Hobson pursued him, he saved Hobson’s life, and so Hobson decided to take him in hand. Bates tried robbing Greyfriars, but after Hobson had saved Bates’ life following a motorcycle crash, he decided to try and reform. [M 842 by SEA]

BATESON Johnny Bull’s cousin. He was a Cambridge rugby blue who coached the Remove when they briefly took up the game. [M 730]

BAXTER, TEDDY The Junior skipper of Claremont School, featured in Chuckles, who occasionally played Greyfriars at football [M 421 by GRS]. He was created by Prosper Howard [Charles Hamilton] and stories appeared in Chuckles from 1916-1918. Baxter himself arrived as a waif from the East End of London, rescued by Ferrers Locke, who became his guardian until his missing father was found [cf. Paul Sydney in M 403].

BAYFORD CASTLE, RMS A passenger liner of the Royal Mail line, it carried Bunter and the Famous Five home from Brazil. Puttnam van Duck stowed away briefly, before being recaptured by Poker Pike. [M 1468]

BAZAAR An annual event to raise charitable funds, presided over by Reverend Lambe and held in the Friardale Assembly Rooms. Vernon-Smith used the occasion to put Wharton’s nose out of joint. [M 248]

BEAKY, MR Brought in by Mr Hunker to find his missing wallet, after Wingate was suspected of stealing it. The Famous Five discovered that Bunter had in fact found and kept it. [M 663]

BEAKY BILL A footpad who tried to rob Coker along with the Cadger. Alonzo, having taken Professor Sparkinson’s crimson elixir for the first time, beat them off. [M 1345]

BEAN, SANDY Hereditary piper to the McDiarmid clan, he farmed a croft on the Lochmuir estate. Old and living in the past, he posed as the phantom piper to try and drive Maurice Angel and his guests out of the castle. [M 828-830]

BEAUCLERE, SIR HARRY His cousin Jack Holt arrived in his stead at Greyfriars, whilst Sir Harry went to Highcliffe, where he fitted in much better. The following week, once the imposture had been discovered, Sir Harry arrived at Greyfriars thinking that money could buy everything. When no-one was impressed, he resorted to scheming and was expelled. [M 329-330]

BEDE, THE VENERABLE A Saxon monk who wrote a History of England. He was the author of various manuscripts in the libraries at both Greyfriars and Cavandale Abbey.

BEECH HOUSE The Surrey house of Sylvester Sugden, some two hours drive from Greyfriars. Wharton was held here by members of Sugden’s gang to stop him revealing Dick Lancaster’s alter ego, The Wizard. Ferrers Locke tracked him down, and rescued him with Colonel Wharton. [M 1219]

BEECHWOOD SCHOOL Herr Rosenblaum’s Foreign Academy, which catered mainly for French and German boys, who maintained a continuous rivalry with each other. When the original school closed due to financial problems, the pupils stayed temporarily at Greyfriars, where Hurree Singh elected to stay. [M 6] The school was relocated to new buildings adjacent to Greyfriars, with a connecting path through the cloisters, officially named Friardale Academy, and opened by the Mayor of Friardale. Continuous rivalry between Greyfriars and the Aliens caused Herr Rosenblaum to eventually move the school further afield, and the buildings were taken over by Greyfriars. [M 14, 33-34, 40]

BELCHER, TOM A professional footballer who befriended the Remove team after they had been given 10,000 lines by Loder for snowballing him. He beat Loder in a fight, with the lines as a stake. Cherry later managed to beat him to a draw. [M 414 by GRS]

BELKNAP, PROFESSOR Supposedly an archaeologist who gained permission from the Head to inspect the old ruined tower, he was actually Chick Chew in disguise, looking for a chance to kidnap Puttnam van Duck. Coker accidentally hit him with a football, dislodging his wig, and so exposing him. [M 1478]

BELL, PAULA The leading lady of the Little Red Riding Hood pantomime at the Theatre Royal in Courtfield. Wingate, who had known her previously, renewed his acquaintance with her when he took the Remove to see the pantomime. He fell in love, to the detriment of his duties, but having freed her from the attentions of Mr. Vernon-Tracey, a cousin of the Bounder’s, Paula persuaded him that it was best that they parted friends. [M 200]




BENNETT A one-time member of the Remove [M 75]

BENSON A one-time member of the Third form. Wharton caught Levison bullying him and interfered, after Benson had made fun of Levison’s detecting abilities. [M 46]

BENSON A one-time member of the Shell, and bowler in their cricket XI. [M 277]

BENSON A member of the Fourth Form at Highcliffe and supporter of Courtenay.

BENSON Chauffeur to Mr Harcourt, he drove Bunter and the Famous Five to Harcourt Towers, which Billy tried to pass off as Bunter Court. [Pop 2/101]

BENSON, HOWARD A member of the Sixth form.

BENSON, MR. Proprietor of a local asylum, he recaptured Mr Valence after he had imprisoned Mr Lothrop and masqueraded as the temporary Head in his place. [M 82]

BENSON, MR. He owns a boat yard at Pegg. He hired a boat out to Gunner Briggs, who used it to head up the Sark and rob the Bank at Courtfield. [M 1380]

BENSON, BATTLING An ex-boxer who put on fighting displays at the Courtfield Coliseum. Bunter saw him there, using a ticket “borrowed” from Bob Cherry. When Bob kicked off, Bunter went to see Benson and took boxing lessons on tick, to learn how to beat Cherry. Benson was just spoofing Bunter for the fees, but as Bunter had no intention of paying, neither of them gained anything. [GHA 1928]

BENSON, SAMUEL A temporary new boy, possibly an invention of Wibley’s. [M 566 by WG]

BENSON’S BOOTSHOP A cobblers in Courtfield, patronised by Cherry on one occasion. Bunter asked Bob for a bill (i.e. money) and Bob gave him the bill from the bootshop. [M 1275]

BENTLEY A one-time member of the Sixth form and its debating society. [M 50]

BENTLEY’S ENGINEERING WORKS A Courtfield industrial firm, where Dick Graham worked, and was accused of robbing the salary money until he managed to clear himself. [M 847 by SEA]

BEPPO An Italian seaman, a casualty in the shipwreck off the Shoulder. [M 52]

BEPPO Count Zero’s chauffeur and confederate in his failed attempt to find the Polpelly treasure. [M 1453]

BEPPO A Roman Bravo employed by Mr O to kidnap Wun Lung. [M 1543]

BERMONDSEY BABE A tramp. [M 260 by ESB]

BHANIPUR Hurree Singh’s kingdom in the foothills of the Himalayas, on the Northwest frontier of India. It is ruled during Hurree Singh’s minority by his uncle, the Jam Bahadur.

BHERIYA A secretive caste in India feared by all, presumably similar to the Thuggee cult, of which Mahbad Singh was a member. [M 845 by FGC]

BIDDULPH, MRS A widow employed as a resident nurse by Dr Pillsbury on long and difficult cases, such as that of Mr Harrington. [M 807]

BIFFINOSKI A Russian anarchist in partnership with Kutanosoff. They tried to murder Bunter as they believed that he was a real Russian count, but were arrested before carrying out their deadly plan. [M 741 by SRS]

BIG SIDE Cricket and football pitches used by the Upper School, particularly the First XI against other schools. Little Side was the juniors’ equivalent.

BILL A local petty thief and poacher. He was Judson’s accomplice in stealing the Moonstone [M 1157] and was later jailed by Sir Hilton Popper for poaching on his land. [M 1309]

BILL THE BOOKIE A play by Wibley which gave him the idea of how to punish Ponsonby & Co. after they ragged Loder and nearly managed to frame the Famous Five for it. See HUGGINS, MR. [M 1587 cf. Mr Bagshot in M 1068]

BILLINGTON The butler at Harcourt Towers, who Bunter tried to pass off as the Bunter family butler. [Pop 2/101 of 1920]

BILLO, PROFESSOR Bunter’s stage name as a ventriloquist at Muccolini’s circus. He gained a tent and the limelight after using his ventriloquism to make Tippity Tip’s dolls appear to insult Muccolini. [M 1488]

BILSBY A member of the Second form.

BINKS, GEORGE The trapeze artist in Swinger’s circus [M 1160].

BIRD, SIR WILLIAM Gerald Loder’s uncle and a secret agent during the Second World War. Having seen Wibley impersonate him during a visit to Greyfriars, he asked Wibley to continue the impersonation during the Easter holidays whilst he went undercover in Germany. He corresponded with Wibley using the code name Avis. Wibley as Sir William invited the Famous Five to Eastcliff Lodge to spend the holidays, much to Loder’s anger, and unwittingly employed Soames as his valet [M 1676-1682].

BIRD IN HAND A small, disreputable pub on the outskirts of Friardale, occasionally frequented by Loder [M 797].

BISHOP, RON A professional motorbike racer employed by the Lantham Speedway [M 1220 by MFD]

BITER Mr Jenkins’ mastiff [M 1187].

BITER A professional burglar and expert housebreaker, he was a member of the Dandy’s gang. He helped Jimmy the Fox enter Wharton Lodge when trying to kidnap Jack Drake, and later guarded Bunter when he was held prisoner in order to smuggle bogus luggage into Cherry Place. Bunter fooled him with his ventriloquism and managed to escape. [M 1419-1420]

BLACK, MR HENRY A temporary Maths master, appointed when Mr Lascelles enlisted. He was despised by the juniors for being over zealous in trying to help capture a recently escaped convict, and in trying to enlist the Sixth Form prefects to his cause. It transpired that Mr Black was in fact responsible for the crimes for which the escaped convict, Mr Carne, had been tried and committed. Discovering Mr Carne hiding in the sea cave near Pegg, he fell into a pit in the cave and died of his injuries; but not before he had confessed to his crimes in front of witnesses, so clearing Mr Carne. [M 428]

BLACK BULL, THE An inn in Lantham, where Mickey the Sprat and Skid stayed before robbing Mr Lazarus’ shop [M 1331].

BLACK CAVERN, THE A cave on the sea front near Pegg [M 686 by SEA].


BLACK GEORGE A poacher working in the Wimford area. He was caught by Wharton & Co. after he had assaulted Wun Lung [M 47]




BLACK POINT, THE The promontory at the tip of the Pike, off which is Black Rock Island.

BLACK PRINCE Lord Cavandale’s famous race horse. As it was the favourite to win, several attempts were made on Lord Cavandale’s life to prevent it running in the Lantham 1,000 guineas, to no avail. [M 1191-1194]

BLACK ROCK CAVE A large sea cave on Polpelly bay, once used by smugglers. Count Zero used the secret passage from the cave to the house in his search for the hidden treasure. [M 1452-1455]

BLACK ROCK HOUSE Hazeldene’s uncle Captain Cunliffe’s home in Devon, a short distance from the village of Wynne [M 114-115]

BLACK ROCK ISLAND A small rocky islet to the east of the Pike. Coker and Co. investigated a mystery here once [M 816 by SEA]. The schooner Castille ran aground here and was searched by Bunter and the Famous Five [M 1077 by HPO].

BLACKLEY’S STORES A famous London department store. It’s label was used to disguise the fact the a box of mah-jongg sent to Wun Lung by one of Tang Wang’s emissaries in reality contained a bomb. Bunter intercepted the parcel, but threw it into the lake on discovering it didn’t contain chocolates, so averting a disaster. [M 1177]

BLACKMOOR PRISON A prison in the neighbourhood of Greyfriars. Mr Carne escaped from here, and was helped to hide by Wingate before Mr Black confessed to his crimes. [M 428]

BLACKMOOR PRISON Somewhere in Surrey. George Waring, Mr Gilmore’s cousin, escaped from here and made for Greyfriars before finally being captured by Inspector Grimes. [M 1039-1041]

BLACKMOOR PRISON On the edge of Blackmoor in Devon, and about half a mile from Hilton Hall. Richard Walsingham, aka Convict 33, escaped from here to seek aid from his brother, the butler at Hilton Hall [M 1401-1403]. Later Loder’s cousin James, aka Convict 22, escaped from here, and managed to take Mr Lagden’s place until the truth finally came out. [M 1493-1496]

BLACKPOOL Visited one August bank holiday by a party of the Greyfriars juniors staying with Lord Mauleverer. They were conned by Captain Pointer in the train up, met Vernon-Smith and Bolsover on the razzle there, and saw M Charpentier performing as a member of a pierrot troop on the sands.

BLACKROCK CASTLE An old ruined castle on Blackrock Island, recently acquired by Mr Vernon-Smith. Smithy invited Bunter here to spend the Easter holidays, giving him the impression that the castle still existed intact. After Smithy fell out with the Famous Five he also conned them into accompanying Bunter on the same premise. [M 1626]

BLACKROCK ISLAND Lying off the North coast of Devon. Smithy invited Bunter and the Famous Five to spend Easter here at a ruined castle, but they were on the spot when Mr Rance imprisoned Smithy and his father in the Smugglers’ Cave to avoid his embezzling being punished. [M 1626-1629]

BLACKWOOD A small country station on a loop line between Lantham and Redclyffe, served only by local trains [M 947].

BLADES A member of the Fourth Form at Highcliffe, and sometime supporter of Ponsonby & Co. [M 571].

BLAGDEN, PHILIP One-time cricket captain at Greyfriars, he was expelled for gambling and dishonesty; although little was ever proved as he had established a gambling den in a hidden room in the old crypt. Following a spell in prison, he persuaded Dr Locke to give him a job as cricket coach, ostensibly under the guise of reforming his character, but actually to search for the Greyfriars’ treasure. Mr Quelch caught him exploring the vaults at night and was attacked by Blagden after refusing to join him in his search, but the Famous Five were on hand to capture Blagden, and he was sent back to prison. [M 854]

BLAKE, JACK A leading light of the Fourth Form at St. Jim’s, a member of the St. Jim’s junior cricket and football elevens, and sharing a study with D’Arcy, Herries and Digby.

BLAKE, JAD A compulsive gambler, who had had to sell most of his assets to pay gambling debts. He agreed to sell the remnants of the Circle O ranch to Mr Vernon-Smith, and then staged a robbery posing as the Rio Kid to steal the money Smithy was bringing to pay for the ranch. The real Rio Kid wanted to clear his name, and having done Smithy a service gained his help in exposing Jad Blake before he could spend his ill-gotten gains [M 1580-1582]

BLAKE, JEFF A fight promoter in Fulchester. he saw Wingate rescue a man from footpads, and offered him £10 if he would take part in a Prize fight. Wingate accepted as he had no money; and the Famous Five finally caught up with him as he was knocked out in the ring. [M 661-662]

BLAKE, SEXTON A detective and star of the Union Jack. He helped re-establish Mr Russell’s good name after he had been duped by a German spy. [M 818 by NWS]

BLANC, LOUIS A friend of Gaston Duval, he kidnapped Bunter in mistake for Lord Mauleverer, to hold him to ransom. Upon discovering their mistake, they coerced Bunter into pointing out the real Lord Mauleverer, but their plans were foiled by the Famous Five and Blanc and Duval had to flee the country. [M 304]

BLAND, BERTRAM A member of the Fifth form, sharing a study with Blundell, vice-captain of the form football and cricket teams. Magnet Portrait Gallery [M 263], Greyfriars’ Interviews [M 1419]

BLAND, COLONEL Owned a houseboat on the river Sark [M 698 by GRS]

BLANE A member of the Upper Fourth form [M 10].

BLIMPER, MR. A music publisher in Courtfield who advertised for a Peace March. Hoskins was busy composing and dreaming of the fee until he found out that he would be expected to pay the publication costs himself. [M 580]

BLITZ, HERR A German passenger aboard the RMS Comet, on which Bunter and the Famous Five travelled to Brazil. When O Lobo made an attempt on Wharton’s life on the Peak at Tenerife, he was fortunately riding nearby and able to come to the rescue. [M 1462]

BLOGG, JIMMY The Friardale butcher’s boy, whose boast is that he can lick anyone boy in the district the same size. Alonzo Todd followed Blogg to try and preach pacifism to him, but Blogg fought him to dissuade Todd and lost his order to a stray dog in the process. [M 137]


BLUM, FRAULEIN A dressmaker and governess resident in Friardale. When Skinner inserted a fake lonely hearts advert in the local paper under Mr Quelch’s name, she answered it, and was very disappointed to find Mr Quelch not interested. [M 407]

BLUMENFELD, HERMAN He kept the music shop in Courtfield and played the organ at the local Free Church under the alias of Mr Bloomfield, but was in actual fact a Prussian spy. he tried to persuade Herr Gans to help him in his endeavours, and accepted the position of music master at Greyfriars when Mr Sharp was called up; but Herr Gans was not interested and gave Herr Blumenfeld 2 days to leave the country. Herr Gans was attacked by Herr Blumenfeld and imprisoned to keep his secret; but Bunter, spying on Herr Gans as he and Skinner suspected the German Master of being a spy, overheard the true state of affairs, and Herr Blumenfeld was arrested by Inspector Grimes. [M 525-526]

BLUMP The stately butler at Eastcliff Lodge [M 1677-1682].

BLUNDELL, GEORGE Captain of the Fifth form and the Fifth form football and cricket teams; also a “Blood”. He shares No. 1 study with Bland. Magnet Portrait Gallery [M 263], Greyfriars Gallery [M 508], Magnet Portrait Gallery [M 947], Greyfriars Cartoons [M 1404] Greyfriars’ Interviews [M 1420], Greyfriars’ Guide [M 1536]

BLYTHE, BILLY The manager of the First Division football team Tyneside Rovers. Whilst touring in Kent Trumper attempted to trick them into playing a Courtfield Council School team, but were in turn tricked into playing a Greyfriars team disguised as the Rovers. [M 919 by GRS]

BOA VISTA The remote jungle home of Señor Caminho, in the midst of a vast timber estate in Kenya. It was visited by Mr Vernon-Smith and the Greyfriars fellows on safari, as Mr Vernon-Smith was interested in buying the property. [M 1230]

BOA VISTA The fazenda belonging to Peter Valentine in the Brazilian jungle. It lies at least 100 miles from the nearest railway, and can only be reached by mud roads and river. A large area around the fazenda is cleared for coffee and rubber plantation, but it is surrounded by thick jungle. [M 1463-1468]

BOATMAN’S COTTAGE Situated on the bank of the Sark, around a quarter of a mile from the bridge over the stream running through Friardale woods. Loder fell into the stream here and was hauled out by Wharton, drying out in the cottage before returning to the school. [M 1295]

BOGGS, WILLIAM aka BOGGSY The Friardale postman, frequently harassed by Bunter in case his postal order has finally arrived.

BOKER The page boy at Cliff House School. [M 1528]

BOLSOVER, HERBERT A member of the Third form, arriving in M 206, and Percy’s younger brother. Having been brought up in the slums of the East End of London, with an accent and manners to match, he was at first rejected by his elder brother. He soon proved his worth, becoming friends with Tubb & Co. and helping Wingate Minor when he first came to the school; and Percy came round to the extent of helping him with his prep on occasions. Greyfriars’ Gallery [M 528]

BOLSOVER, PERCY A member of the Remove, arriving in M 182. Inclined to lord it over the Remove as cock of the walk on his arrival, on account of his superior strength, the Remove had to recruit Solly Lazarus to beat him in a fair fight. Over time he mellowed somewhat, looking after his younger brother and sharing a study more or less amicably with Dupont after Elliott left Greyfriars; and the fighting men of the form soon learned to beat him, so keeping his bullying proclivities in check. Greyfriars Gallery [M 467], Greyfriars’ Celebrities [M 906], Magnet Portrait Gallery [M 940], Greyfriars’ Cartoons [M 1383], Greyfriars’ Correspondents [M 1191], Greyfriars’ Heroes [M 1258], Rhymes of the Remove [M 1356],Greyfriars’ Interviews [M 1421], Greyfriars’ Guide [M 1537], My Own Page [M 1626]

BOLSOVER COLLEGE A school some distance from Greyfriars. Hurree Singh, having a friend there, arranged for the two schools to play football without realising that Bolsover College played Rugby rather than Association football. The teams ended up both scoring according to their own rules, ending up in a win for both sides.

BOLTER, OLIVER or BOLTON, OLIVER [?] A member of the Third form. [M 1034]

BOMOMBO, PRINCE A character from Bongoland created by Wibley for a play in progress. Bunter used the outfit [a blackened face and garish costume] to disguise himself to escape trouble whilst the “real Bunter” was assumed to be “missing”. [M 1654 cf. Cassell 27]

BOMOO Mr McTab’s chief Kanaka houseboy on Mauleverer’s Pacific Island/ [M 1590]

BONIFACE, ABBOTT The Abbott who presided over Cavandale at the time of the dissolution of the monasteries, he was reputedly killed. Like the Red Earl of Mauleverer Towers, he is said to appear to the earls of Cavandale prior to their deaths. [M 1192]

BONITO A macaw which befriended Bunter, due to his incessant eating of brazil nuts and toffee. Bunter’s continuous moanings were imitated by Bonito, and lead to his being discovered safe on Macaw island after being kidnapped by O Lobo, as Bonito’s mimicry consisted entirely of Bunter’s grousing about the noise made by the resident birds. [M 1466]

BONS, JEAN Wrote a booklet on how to read people’s minds. Bunter purchased the booklet second-hand for 2d, but failed to make use of it. [M 31]

BOONE Employed by Lord Cavandale as trainer for his horses, and to run his stables. [M 1191]

BOOTLE, MR The mayor of Friardale. He officially opened Herr Rosenblaum’s Beechwood School, but as the Remove had previously screwed up the windows and doors to the building it was not a success. [M 33]

BOSANGO The captain of Tofoloko’s palace guards, he was killed by Kikolobo whilst escaping from the Moteli encampment to escape the torturer. [M 1235]

BOSANNEY, JONAS The late Earl of Portercliffe’s private secretary before being sacked. He was employed by Mr Fish when he rented Portercliffe Hall one Summer, on the understanding that they would split the late earl’s hidden treasure, should it be found. They were foiled by Chandos, and left shamefaced when the current earl returned after Vernon-Smith’s intervention. [M 1435-1439]

BOSS-EYE A member of the Lambury Pet’s army of ruffians, employed by Mr Carnforth to try and quell the Sixth form rebellion. Their presence had the effect of prompting the Remove to join the rebellion. [M 745]

BOU SAOUD The son of Mustapha ben Mohammed, and a Spahi lieutenant. It was as much for his sake as any other than Mustapha ben Mohammed plotted to assassinate Ali ben Yusef and become chief of the tribe. Bou Saoud was a willing accomplice and probably responsible for the death of Ali’s father. After the capture of Major Cherry, Ali, Marjorie and Clara, Bou Saoud met his death whilst trying to capture the Famous Five, laying siege to an old French guard tower they were camped in. [M 862-869]

BOULTON The captain of the Abbeydale cricket team. [M 746 by SEA]


BOWDSLEY The town in Lancashire where the Linley family live.

BOWES A one-time member of the Fifth form. [M 35] He agreed to act as referee when the Remove XI played Lowerdale at football under Wun Lung’s captaincy. [M 55]

BOWLINE, SAM A neighbour and friend of Tom Redwing’s at Hawkscliff, he kept an eye on the Redwing’s cabin whilst Tom was at school and Mr Redwing away at sea. [M 1088]

BOXER One of Lorrell’s Lambs, staying at the Anchor at Pegg. [M 131]

BOXER, MRS A member of the suffragette movement living in Friardale. She appeared during a Suffragette disturbance when Loder’s uncle the MP visited Greyfriars [M 341], and later aspired to be Mr Quelch’s wife, following a practical joke by Skinner [M 407]. She was a role model for the spoof Women’s Property Smashing League.

BOYS’ FRIEND, THE From 1915-1926 it printed original stories of Rookwood by Owen Conquest (issue nos. 715-1298), and original stories of Frank Richards’ schooldays at Cedar Creek by Martin Clifford from 1916-1918. It folded soon after the Rookwood stories were discontinued.

BOYS’ HERALD, THE Ran some original stories of Jack Drake and Rodney aboard the Benbow and then at Greyfriars after the Greyfriars’ Herald folded in 1921.

BRAITHWAYTE, SIR HENRY or SIR HARRY Uncle to Lord Mauleverer, and his guardian jointly with Sir Reginald Brooke, although he only seems to come to the fore when Sir Reginald is absent.

BRANDER, MEYER Uncle to Otto Van Tromp, and temporary Headmaster of Greyfriars. Sir Hilton Popper as chair of the Board of Governors canvassed support from the other Governors to install Mr Brander should Dr Locke retire, but Dr Locke refused to retire despite strong hints from Sir Hilton. In this the Head was backed up by Major Cherry, who had heard that Mr Brander had been forced to resign his previous position due to his severity. However, having brought his nephew to Greyfriars as a new member of the Sixth Form, Otto was able to assault the Head, forcing him to leave and allowing Mr Brander to step in (the cover of the Magnet containing this episode pictured an event cut from the story). He instituted a regime of brutality with his nephew as Head Prefect; but when the Remove staged a barring-out to protest against his harshness and the reintroduction of fagging for the Lower Fourth, he gradually lost control. He was eventually forced out when the school learned of his plot to injure Dr Locke, and Mr Prout took over as temporary head until Dr Locke could return. [M 1169-1174]

BRANDRETH, ARTHUR A member of the Remove who soon faded into the background. His father was on the run from the police, and hiding out in a lonely cottage on the Pegg Road at the foot of the Black Pike. He was initially accepted by the Remove, despite Snoop’s vendetta, but because he had to sneak out at night to visit his father and take him supplies, he was suspected of breaking bounds to gamble, and soon avoided. Snoop and the Bounder followed him one night and discovered the truth, whereupon Snoop informed the police. However, this eventually lead to Mr Brandreth’s innocence being established, and Brandreth regaining his form’s good opinion. [M 288]

BRANDRETH, MR JOHN A one-time business associate of Mr Josiah Snoop’s, he was wrongly suspected of forgery and embezzlement. Rather than stay and fight, he went on the run, and hid in a lonely cottage on the Pegg road, supported by his son Arthur. Soon after being arrested by the police, following Snoop’s intervention, it was discovered that in fact Mr Snoop was responsible for the crimes of which he was suspected, and his name was cleared. [M 288]

BRANDY FACE A tramp and one-time companion to Flip, he was once a Master of Arts at Oxford down on his luck through drink. He provided Flip with the only education he received before coming to Greyfriars. [M 1247]

BRASS POT A waiter at the Marina in Lagos. [M 770]


BRAXTON, MR When Squiff buys a new cricket bat for a bargain, Mr Braxton is determined to acquire it, without explaining his reasons. [M 448 by ESB]

BRAYE COMMON A large green common about a mile from Greyfriars in the direction opposite from Friardale, where gypsies often camp. Melchior and Barengro were making their way here, having kidnapped Marjorie Hazeldene. [M 5]

BRAYE LANE A dirt road skirting Braye Common. [M 5]

BRENT A stream that feeds the Sark [M 747 by SEA]

BRENT, FLIP A temporary member of the Second form [M 1248-1254]

BRENT, INSPECTOR JOHN (CID) Exposed Mr Lagden as notorious criminal Jimmy the One, and discovered that Flip of the Second was in fact his long lost son. [M 1251-1254]

BRETT, MRS The Sub-postmistress at Friardale, she identified Bob Cherry as the junior who had cashed Nugent’s postal order, and so was the cause of his expulsion for theft. She was not to know that it was in fact Heath in disguise who had cashed the postal order to frame Cherry. [M 173] See also COOTS, MR

BRIDGEWOOD A station between Lantham and Redclyffe. [M 1081]

BRIGGS, GUNNER On his way to Courtfield up the Sark in a motorboat, he inadvertently gave Wharton a lift whilst passing Popper’s Island. Following Gunner Briggs’ robbing the Courtfield & County Bank, Wharton managed to cut off his escape by setting the boat adrift. Gunner Briggs managed to evade capture by swimming to Popper’s Island at night and hiding in the ancient oak at its centre. he stayed there undetected until Fish accidentally found him and tried to leave the island, blowing Gunner Briggs’ cover. He was successfully captured and handed over to Inspector Grimes. [M 1380-1381]

BRIGHT, EDGAR aka THE TOAD A temporary member of the Remove, who had previously been before the local magistrates for cruelty to animals, and was thrashed by Redwing for torturing Mrs Kebble’s cat on his first day. His father had returned from a long sojourn abroad to claim the late Mr Thorpe’s estate, leaving the Levison family in a predicament. Suspecting a later will to be hidden at Greyfriars, where Mr Thorpe had been a teacher, Edgar was enrolled to search for it after his father had leaned on Sir Hilton Popper. Ernest Levison came to Greyfriars for the same reason, and was eventually successful in finding a will over-riding Mr Bright’s claim. [M 1028-1034]

BRIGHT, MR ESAU Father to Edgar. Following a long stay abroad he returned to Lantham ostensibly as a solicitor, but in fact as a money lender. He stood to inherit the late Mr Thorpe’s estate, and to prevent the discovery of a later will, leant on Sir Hilton Popper to admit his son to Greyfriars to destroy any such document. As Sir Hilton owed Mr Bright money, he had no option but to accede. After Levison had saved Bright’s life whilst searching for the missing will, Mr Bright took his son away from Greyfriars. [M 1028-1034]

BRISTOL EVENING WORLD, THE [23.4.1949 to 22.7.1949] A daily paper, published 6 nights a week, the Greyfriars’ stories were reduced to very short extracts, tucked away in odd corners of the paper. The story, The Mystery of No. 1 Study [M 1271], was illustrated by Tony Hawes.


BROAD HIGHWAY, THE [M 746 on] A series of articles about Scouting.

BRONX, TIGER Nephew to the late Mr Shook, connected to Chicago gangsters, and apparently the true heir to Mr Shook’s billions. To gain his inheritance, he pursued Jarvish, Mr Shook’s late butler, and then Bunter around Europe, on the premise that by killing them, the estate would revert to him. As he finally looked like succeeding, it was revealed that a later will had been found in which the Shook fortune was left to a cats’ home in Chicago. [M 1383-1389]

BROOKE, LADY Wife of Sir Reginald, she lives at Mauleverer Towers. [M 1245]

BROOKE, SIR REGINALD One of Mauleverer’s two uncles and guardians, and a governor of Greyfriars school. He once lived at Cap Martin on the French Riviera, where he had a villa, and put up Mauly and the Famous Five in pursuit of Paul Tyrell [M 270]. He now resides at Mauleverer Towers in Hampshire. Amongst other holdings, he owns a large part of Friardale. He employed an agent, Mr Snooks to manage the estate, but following attempts to evict Mr Penfold for rent arrears, he was alerted to Mr Snooks’ true nature and fired him. [M 277]. Greyfriars’ Gallery [M 561]

BROOKER Recruited by Trumper with Climpson to play for Courtfield Council School F.C., he was dropped after one game for unsporting play. He then formed the Courtfield Crusaders to try and win Alderman Moore’s £100 subsidy, but lost to Trumper’s team. [M 785 by FGC]

BROWN He comes to Greyfriars as a new bootboy, but a mystery surrounds him. Bunter tries to blackmail him, but the Famous Five take him up on account of his football prowess. [M 509 by GRS]

BROWN The foreman supervising the builders demolishing the hunting lodge at Ravenspur Grange in search of the hidden passage. The Famous Five were discovered trapped in the blocked off passage. [M1124]

BROWN A taxi driver from Reigate. Bunter hired him to take him to Wharton Lodge, and then on to Mauleverer Towers in Hampshire when he discovered Wharton Lodge was shut up for Christmas. He managed to dodge the taxi driver in the entrance to the Towers, by accidentally falling down a disused well shaft; leaving Mauleverer to pay the £11 bill. [M 1244]

BROWN, DR The local Combermere GP, who cared for Mr Pilkins when he was injured in a car crash on his way to show Bunter Combermere Lodge. [M 911]

BROWN, FARMER JOHN At the beginning of their walking tour, the Greyfriars’ Hikers were conned into paying for the use of a field twice to alleged Farmer Browns; so that when the real one turned up he was given a rough reception, forcing the campers to move on. [M 1332]


BROWN, MR alias BRAUN, MR A German spy who controlled a spy ring on the coast, and was intent on discovering Sir William Bird’s secret mission. Wibley, posing as Sir William whilst the real Sir William worked undercover in Germany, and the Famous Five managed to capture Mr Brown, smashing the spy ring; whilst Soames got his hands on the spy’s financial resources. [M 1676-1682]

BROWN, DICKY A member of the Fourth Form at Courtfield Council School. He belonged to the Courtfield Scout troop headed by Trumper, and deserted them one day to act as pilot to the Greyfriars Cadet Corps. [M 56] He was one of a group who ragged Wally Bunter, thinking it was Billy, and was then surprised when Wally refused to sneak. [M 573 by JNP]

BROWN, ERNEST The name used as an alias by Willie Newman when he ran away from Greyfriars. [M 734 by GRS]

BROWN, GEORGE An inhabitant of Friardale, living in a cottage on Friardale Lane. Mr Coote was making a delivery here when Edgar Caffyn used his catapult to make the horse bolt. [M 1408]

BROWN, TOM A member of the Remove from Taranaki in New Zealand, arriving in M 86. Greyfriars’ Heroes [M 1234], Rhymes of the Remove [M 1362], Stately Homes of Greyfriars [M 1524], Greyfriars’ Guide [M 1538], My Own Page [M 1620], Greyfriars’ Portrait Gallery [M 1683]

BROWN’S GARAGE A small Friardale garage, from which Greyfriars fellows occasionally hire cars.

BROWNE, MISS Invited to tea by Billy pretending to be Wally, to try and get rid of Wally as Ist Form master. [M 732 by GRS]

BRUCE, PETER Tom Redwing’s uncle, more commonly known as Black Peter, who made a fortune selling South Seas islanders into slavery, poaching pearls, etc. He was killed by Silvio Xero in a brawl over his treasure. He had left a hidden treasure map, which he gave to his old ship mate Ben Dance, to take to Tom Redwing in England. Both Xero and Soames tried to beat the Greyfriars juniors to the treasure, but Xero was killed by Dance in self-defence, and the Friars gained the treasure. [M 1017-1026]

BRUTUS One of Marco’s pride of lions at Muccolini’s Circus. [M 1483]

BRUTUS Colonel Bullock’s bulldog. He chased the Famous Five off a camp site on Colonel Bullock’s property; and later caught Ponsonby, who had sneaked along to wreck the campsite unaware of the dog. [M 1644]

BUBU King Tofoloko’s prime minister. He spoke English having worked on the boats out of West Africa, and was the only Moteli able to tell the Greyfriars’ captives what was going to happen to them. When The juniors made their escape plans, and used Bubu to get them out of the encampment, he fled to escape Tofoloko’s rage. [M 1235-1236]

BUCK, WILLIAM aka BUCKSKIN BILL The chief cowhand on the Kicking Cayuse Ranch. He came to England to bring Mr Vernon-Smith details of the property, and then escorted Smithy and the Famous Five back to Texas to see the property. After Barney Stone’s corruption was exposed, Bill was made Foreman of the ranch in recognition of his honesty, and the help he had given the Greyfriars’ juniors. [M 1573-1582]

BULKELEY, GEORGE Captain of the School and Head of Games at Rookwood, he skippers the Rookwood First XIs.

BULL, MR Johnny’s father, and the majority shareholder in Bull & Co. Ltd., a large woollen textile company. He lives at Moor Fell in Yorkshire

BULL, MRS Johnny’s mother.

BULL, FLUFFY Johnny’s cousin, an athletic girl who once visited Greyfriars and was so muscular she was nicknamed the Sandow Girl. Bunter found himself in an iron grip when he asked for a kiss, and she slapped Snoop for calling Johnny a fathead. [M 283 cf. Mauly’s cousin Jemima in M 903 by GRS]

BULL, MR JOHN ARTHUR Johnny’s rich uncle from Australia and brother to Aunt Tabitha Bull. [M 367-368] Greyfriars’ Gallery [M 559]

BULL, JOHNNY A member of the Remove and the Famous Five, arriving in M 151. Greyfriars’ Gallery [M 470], Greyfriars’ Celebrities [M 898], Magnet Portrait Gallery [M 920], Greyfriars’ Celebrities [M 1141], Greyfriars’ Heroes [M 1266], Rhymes of the Remove [M 1369], Greyfriars’ Cartoons [M 1401], Stately Homes of Greyfriars [M 1514], Greyfriars’ Guide [M 1539], My Own Page [M 1631]

BULL, LUCAS Johnny’s cousin, he is some years older and the day to day manager at the Bull textile works owned by Johnny Bull's father. As stubborn as Johnny, he was left in nominal charge of Johnny when his parents went abroad. He decided that Johnny should spend the holidays learning how the works operated, rather than spending it with his school friends; and pursued Johnny to Wharton Lodge and Cherry Place when Johnny bolted. It wasn’t until Johnny saved him from drowning, that he relented, and they became friends. [M 1491]

BULL, MISS MARTHA Aunt to Johnny, she lives near Reading, and like Coker’s Aunt Judy, cannot believe her nephew could do any wrong. [M 810] Greyfriars’ Gallery [M 559]

BULL, MISS TABITHA MARTHA Bull’s rich aunt, and sister to Uncle John Arthur Bull.[M 154, 156 & 367-368]

BULL & CO. LTD. The textile mills belonging to the Bull family, which produce high quality woollen yarns and cloths. Situated in Yorkshire, near Johnny’s home.

BULLIVANT, MISS AMELIA Deputy Head teacher at Cliff House [presumably succeeding Miss Locke], she is responsible for Maths and games. Seemingly austere and athletic, she is affectionate and supportive to those that earn her respect. She had previously taught at Ridings School near Brighton, whilst bringing up her younger brother Richard until he was kidnapped. Following Skip’s arrival at Greyfriars, and Hazel recognising the picture in Skip’s locket as Miss Bullivant, she was finally reunited with her younger brother; and the kidnapper Crake taken into custody. [M 1545-1554]

BULLIVANT, J. A pupil at Oakshott School in Essex. In his feud with Jim Warren, Price invited Bullivant to Greyfriars to see Warren at a First XI match and expose him as an impostor. However, Warren was crocked and didn’t play, which Bullivant took as irresponsible, and in keeping with Warren’s previous character at Oakshott. [M 1444-1445]

BULLIVANT, RICHARD aka SKIP A temporary member of the Remove and Miss Amelia Bullivant’s long-lost younger brother. [M 1547-1554]

BULLOCK, COLONEL Owner of Bullock Court, he is fanatical about preventing trippers and campers from trespassing on his land, employing his dog Brutus for the purpose. The Famous Five in the Waterlily were driven off, and later Ponsonby & Co. suffered the same treatment. [M 1644]

BULLOCK COURT A large estate belonging to Colonel Bullock and fronting the Thames just up river from the Old Windsor Lock. [M 1644]

BULSTRODE, MR Father to George and Herbert. A harsh father who made his way in business, and is prone to acting the Roman parent. [cf. Mr Gore in G 84-85]. He visited Greyfriars to see George play in a cricket match, caught George trying to regain money Bunter had stolen, and jumped to the conclusion that George was bullying. He publicly ignored George until Bunter was caught stealing from Bull’s jacket, and his earlier theft brought to light. [M 177]

BULSTRODE, MRS AMELIA Mother to George and Herbert, very much dominated by her husband. [M 177]

BULSTRODE, GEORGE One of the original inhabitants of Greyfriars, and captain of the Remove when Wharton arrived. Initially in Study 1 with Wharton and Nugent, he soon moved out. He was something of a bully, and the leader of the movement against Hazeldene when he cheated in an exam. [M 3-4] Following Wharton’s election as captain he went somewhat to the bad, although he later reformed and regained the captaincy. Following his brother’s death, he left Greyfriars for a while and Wharton regained the captaincy [M 178]. On form he was a better goalie than Hazeldene. He left Greyfriars sometime before September 1922, as it was mentioned that he had not returned for the Autumn term. [M 764]. Magnet Portrait Gallery [M 946], Greyfriars’ Celebrities [M 1157]

BULSTRODE, HERBERT A temporary member of the Second Form, and George’s younger brother. He came to Greyfriars expecting his brother to still be a bad hat, but was disappointed and went to the Three Fishers on his own. Coming home in a thunderstorm, he fell trying to climb the ivy back to his dormitory; and died the next night from exposure and his injuries. [M 178]

BUN SHOP, THE Situated on Courtfield High Street, with chairs and tables al fresco, opposite the Courtfield and County Bank, it was a favourite rendezvous when funds wouldn’t stretch to Chunkleys’ tea lounge. Possibly the shop owned by Mr Bunbury. The Remove gathered here to plan their next move when rebelling over Mr Quelch’s dismissal [M 1044]; and again when Bunter had been expelled prior to the Popper Island rebellion [M 1378].

BUNBURY, MISS BELLA Daughter of Mr Bunbury, proprietor of Bunbury’s confectionery and bakery shop in Courtfield. Lord Mauleverer fell in love with her, and kept ordering and sending parcels of tuck anonymously to various Removites as an excuse to frequent the shop. He had a rude awakening when he discovered Miss Bella was engaged to a soldier. [M 386]

BUNCE, MR The landlord of the Anchor Inn at Pegg, where Lorrell’s Lamb’s stayed one summer. He umpired a cricket match between the Lambs and the Remove that ended in a free fight when the Lambs lost. [M 131]

BUNCE, MR A farmer who rents the Oak Tree Farm near Courtfield from Sir Hilton Popper. He is especially averse to poaching, and lost his temper when he caught Mick the Gypsy roasting a chicken on his land. [M 819]

BUNCE, ROBERT aka BOBBY An ex-Royal Navy seaman, now a boatman on the Thames at Lechlade. His wooden leg came in useful repelling boarders when the Greyfriars hikers were attacked by Herbert Higgs. [M 1334]

BUNCH OF GRAPES, THE A country Inn about half a mile from Wharton Lodge, in the opposite direction to Wharton Magnus. Dick Lancaster was staying here when he met Coker & Co. and the Famous Five. Coker & Co. put up here during their walking tour, as Coker suspected Lancaster of being crooked, but was apparently proved wrong. [M 1209]

BUNCHY A boxer employed by Archie Valence to be a sparring partner for Mr Lascelles, when Archie thought he had convinced Mr Lascelles to re-enter the ring. [M 1322]

BUNCOMBE, MR The Headmaster employed by Mauleverer to govern High Oaks school, to bring order to the Remove rebels. As it was Ponsonby in disguise who had answered the advert, his plan backfired. [M 1048]

BUNKHURST, MISS Actually Wharton in disguise. Along with Misses Jorkins and Puncher (Cherry and Bolsover) they posed as the Women’s Property Smashing League. They handled PC Tozer, and then paid a visit to Loder’s study to wreck it, on the pretence that Loder’s uncle was an MP opposed to extending the franchise to women. [M 341]

BUNN, MR When Gosling went to visit his nephew in an army hospital, the Head advertised for a temporary porter. Ponsonby arrived as Mr Bunn, with forged references, and proceeded to make the Removites’ lives a misery by reporting them for non-existent offences, shutting the gates early, and spying on them. He was eventually exposed and kicked out. [M 395]

BUNNY The leader of Lorrell’s Lambs, who stayed at the Anchor one summer, and made the local people’s lives a misery until the Remove beat them at cricket and then at a free fight. [M 131]

BUNNY, MR The curate of Friardale church. [M 248]

BUNTER, MRS AMELIA Mother of William, Elizabeth and Samuel. She is a placid, good-natured woman, seemingly blind to her children’s faults, and acts as peacemaker when Mr Bunter and his children fall out. She seems to be the only person the Bunter children have any affection for, to the extent of dropping all else whenever she has been ill or in trouble.

BUNTER, CAPTAIN An imaginary uncle at the front during World War I, whom Billy used as a reason for raising money, allegedly to buy cigarettes and chocolates to send to his uncle. [M 358]

BUNTER, AUNT CLARIBEL Actually a rich relative, she and Claude paid a visit to Greyfriars as ostensibly poor relations, to find out Billy’s real feelings towards them. [M 836 by GRS]

BUNTER, UNCLE CLAUDE Husband/brother ? to Claribel Bunter. [M 836 by GRS]

BUNTER, ELIZA JUDITH Bunter’s great aunt. He used her death notice in the Times to get a day off school by pretending to go to the funeral, but she had the last laugh by leaving him a legacy of £50 conditional on his reducing his weight to 7 stone. [M 941 by HWT]

BUNTER, ELIZABETH GERTRUDE aka BESSIE Billy’s sister, in the Fourth Form at Cliff House. She first appeared in M 582, intending to stop off at Greyfriars en route to an aunt, to collect money owed by Billy, and seems to have replaced Wilhemina Limburger, the previous fat girl at Cliff House. In the early Schoolfriend stories she was solely concerned about Polly, her vicious parrot; and had the same ventriloquial talent of her brother, using it to gain tuck or cause trouble. Greyfriars’ Interviews [M 1497]

BUNTER, SIR FOULKES Billy saw a newspaper advert announcing his death, and the search for his missing son and heir. Billy pretended to be the long lost eldest son, dreaming of inheriting a fortune, but found only debts and liabilities. [M 538 by GRS]

BUNTER, UNCLE GEORGE He lives in a residential hotel in Folkestone, The Limes, apparently a more or less permanent invalid. He has tried on several occasions to improve his nephew’s character, to little avail. He sent Bunter a copy of Dickens’ Christmas Carol one Christmas, which resulted in Bunter being taken up by Sempronious Skelton as a philanthropist, but it didn’t last [M 1036-1037]. Bunter took Wharton on a surprise visit to see him, on the premise that Mr Bunter would be pleased by the attention; but Mr Bunter refused to see them when they arrived, presumably correctly divining that the real reason for the visit was to be remembered in his will [M 1139]. Mr Bunter promised Billy £5 if he won the form Latin Prize, but Bunter resorted to cheating and nothing came of it [M 1159]. Billy and Sammy had to stay with him one Christmas as Bunter Villa was closed up for the decorators. Unfortunately, he overheard Billy describe him as stingy, whilst trying to persuade Wharton to issue an invitation; and made things so uncomfortable that Billy decided to sneak into Wharton Lodge uninvited [M 1349]. He tried to improve Billy’s sporting record by offering him money should he get a place in the Junior XI on his merits. Bunter tried blackmail, but Wharton’s explanation to Mr Bunter that Billy’s place had not been awarded on merit scuppered any reward. [M 1555]

BUNTER, MARGARET aka AUNT PEGGY When Sammy Bunter first arrived at Greyfriars, she sent Billy £1 to treat his minor, but Billy spent it in the tuckshop before Sammy arrived. [M 144]

BUNTER, AUNT MARTHA Bessie stays with her one Christmas, leaving Billy high and dry, reduced to sneaking into Wharton Lodge at night. [M 1349]

BUNTER, UNCLE PETER Having lived most of his life abroad, he came to see Billy play in a cricket match, having believed Billy’s tall stories of his sporting abilities. Luckily he fell asleep during the match, and missed seeing Billy bowled out for a duck. [GHA 1927]

BUNTER, AUNT REBECCA A strict, gaunt woman, who prefers Sammy to Billy, inviting Sammy for Christmas without Billy. [M 513 by JNP]

BUNTER, MR SAMUEL Father to Billy, Sammy and Bessie. A stockbroker who has occasional winning streaks when he sends his children generous tips, but more usually on a losing streak, tight with money, and prone to complaining about the rate of Income Tax.

BUNTER, SAMUEL TUCKLESS aka SAMMY A member of the Second Form arriving in M 144. Magnet Portrait Gallery [M 259], Magnet Portrait Gallery [M 934], Greyfriars’ Correspondents [M 1175]

BUNTER, WALTER GILBERT aka WALLY The spitting image of Billy without glasses, but the opposite in character, being moderate, truthful, careful with money, and having considerable prowess on the sports field. He first appeared in M 333. He makes his final appearance in “Billy Bunter’s Double”. [Cassell 16 of March 1955]. Greyfriars’ Gallery [M 533]

BUNTER, WILLIAM GEORGE aka BILLY Member of the Remove. Greyfriars’ Lyrics [M 287], Greyfriars’ Gallery [M 472], Greyfriars’ Celebrities [M 897], Magnet Portrait Gallery [M 919], Greyfriars’ Celebrities [M 1142], Greyfriars’ Correspondents [M 1169], Greyfriars’ Heroes [M 1232], Rhymes of the Remove [M 1370], Greyfriars’ Cartoons [M 1375], Stately Homes of Greyfriars[M 1510], Greyfriars’ Guide [M 1540], My Own Page [M 1610]

BUNTER BOOKS, THE Charles Skilton originally had the idea for publishing the books after seeing an article about Frank Richards in the Picture Post in 1946. Frank Richards agreed to write them on a royalty basis; and Montague Haydon, a director of the Amalgamated Press agreed to waive copyright of Greyfriars, which the AP had paid Richards for in 1921. The first volume sold 25,000 copies almost immediately (the maximum allowed at the time due to paper rationing) and earned Frank Richards over £1,000. Cassell took over publication in 1952 with volume 11. The first 16 volumes were illustrated by R. J. Macdonald, but C. H. Chapman took over following his death with volume 17. Volumes 1, 6, 8, 15, 16, and 25 were reprinted in September 1982 by the Quiller Press, edited by Kay King (which meant updating the slang) and with illustrations by Victor Ambrus. Many of the original yellow-jacketed editions were republished in facsimile edition by Hawk Books, before they became embroiled in a copyright dispute. As Frank Richards died in 1961, it is possible that the last 4 or 5 books were by substitute authors.

BUNTER COURT The fictional home of the Bunter family, allegedly a palatial mansion with substantial grounds and numerous servants. See also COMBERMERE LODGE and HARCOURT TOWERS

BUNTER VILLA A modest detached house in Reigate, Surrey; home to the Bunter family. It is within easy reach of Wharton Lodge. [M 1664]

BUNTER’S WEEKLY or BUNTER’S BUDGET Bunter attempts to start up a weekly paper in imitation of Tom Merry’s Weekly [see G 1/32-34]. As he wants contributors to pay to have their work published as well as readers to pay over the odds to purchase it, it doesn’t even get off the ground [M 76]

BUNTO THE BOY TAMER The stage name taken by Bunter in his capacity as Marco the Lion Tamer’s assistant at Muccolini’s circus. [M 1482]

BURCHESTER REFORMATORY James Carker, aka Dr Sterndale, was dismissed from his post here, due to his ill-treatment of the boys. [M 851 by GRS]

BURKE, ULICK A New York Bowery tough, he picked Coker’s pocket and then kidnapped him for $10,000 dollars ransom. Mr Fish refused to pay, but luckily Bunter got lost and found Coker, freeing him before Burke returned. [M 1094]

BURRELL, SERGEANT A temporary drill sergeant, whose iron rule prompts the juniors to revolt until he is dismissed. [M 424 by GRS cf. Sergeant Sharp in M 392]

BUSTER, THE A crook employed by Jimmy the One to kidnap Flip, and prevent him from exposing Jimmy’s cover as Mr Lagden, temporary Second Form master. [M 1251]

BUTLIN, SIR WILLIAM aka BILLY Proprietor of Butlin’s Holiday Camps. Bob Cherry saved him from being robbed of his wallet by Jimmy Jucks in the vicinity of Friardale, and as a reward, he offered Bob and his friends a free holiday at the Butlin’s camp at Skegness. [Cassell 29 of June 1961]

BUXTON, MR Predecessor to Mr Lambe as rector of Friardale. [M 109]

BUXTON, MRS The rector’s wife. [M 109]

BUZZARD, MR An alias of Mr Tighe’s, used when he was employed by Miss Judith Coker as her private secretary, and used his position to embezzle her money. [M 1133]

BY ORDER OF THE TYRANT A lurid melodrama that Bob Cherry was determined to stage with the Remove Dramatic Society. However, it didn’t work out in rehearsal and was ditched in favour of Peter Pan [M 16].

BYNG A one-time member of Highcliffe. [M 99 & 109].


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