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Who's Who and What's What: P

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PAGET, SPENCER PERCIVAL An aristocratic member of the Third form. Greyfriars’ Gallery [M 498], Greyfriars’ Interviews [M 1465], Greyfriars’ Guide [M 1577], My Own Page [M 1639]

PALMER A one-time member of the Sixth Form.

PARKER, INSPECTOR (DORCHESTER) Called in when Jack Drake was kidnapped from Bob Cherry’s place by members of Jimmy the Fox’s gang. [M 1420]

PARKINSON A one-time member of the Sixth Form.

PARROTT A member of the Second form.

PARSON PETE A wanted conman with a £10 reward on his head, he posed as the Reverend Slagg to induce Alonzo Todd to collect subscriptions for a missionary society. The plan came to nothing, and he was arrested in Friardale after the Head intervened. [M 618 by FGC]

PASCALL, ALFRED An Australian staying in Courtfield. The famous five rescued him from a footpad, Bunter found his wallet; and as a reward he took a party of Removites to the Empire Exhibition at Wembley. [M 870 by SEA]

PATRIOTIC HOME WORK ASSOCIATION Bunter was convinced that he could earn upwards of £3 a week by doing piecework, primarily hand colouring Christmas Cards, and sent off for particulars [M 55]. but couldn’t raise the necessary initial fee for materials. [M 60]

PECKER, PHILLIP The director and owner of a film company, who mistook Bunter for a pre-World War One film star, Fatty Fisher; and employed Bunter to make a film. [M 736 by WEP]


PELHAM A member of the Fourth Form at Highcliffe, and sometime supporter of Ponsonby & Co.

PENFOLD, DICK [RICHARD] A member of the Remove form. Greyfriars’ Correspondents [M 1193], Greyfriars’ Heroes [M 1235], Greyfriars’ Interviews [M 1466], Greyfriars’ Guide [M 1579]

PENFOLD, JOHN Dick Penfold’s father, the Friardale cobbler.

PENFOLD, MARY Dick Penfold’s mother.

PENNY A member of the Upper Fourth form.

PENNY POPULAR, THE The first series ran from 1916-1918, being cut short by the war; and the Second series ran from 1920 onwards (renamed The Popular, as the price was now 2d.). It contained mainly reprinted of earlier stories from the Magnet, Gem, Boy’s Herald and Nelson Lee Library; although it did run a series of original Greyfriars stories from 2/18 onwards.

PERKINS A cheeky member of the Third form. When Nadesha asked him to pass a note to Wharton, he referred to Nadesha as Wharton’s sweetheart. [M 9]

PERKINS, PRIMROSE One of a number of women Billy Bunter invited to tea whilst trying to get Wally Bunter to leave Greyfriars. [M 734 ? by GRS]

PERKINS, TIMOTHY A temporary member of the Remove, he had changed his name by deed poll to Algernon De Vere to hide his humble background. [M 749-752]

PETTIFER, JAMES A member of the Second form.

PHIPPS A member of the Sixth Form.

PHIPPS, MR One time mathematics master at Greyfriars, he was romantically attached to Miss Primrose. [M 132]

PHIPPS, CHARLES A member of the Upper Fourth form, with a brother in the Sixth.

PICKFORD, INSPECTOR (CID) Received Jimmy the Fox into custody. [M 1421]


PIKE, THE Also known as the Black Pike, a large outcrop of black granite bordering the Pegg road on one side and pushing out to define one side of Pegg Bay on the other. There are a number of caves at its base on the sea side, reputedly used by smugglers in the past; and a lonely cottage just off Pegg Lane on the other, where Mr Brandreth once hid. [M 46, 288].

PIMBLE A member of the Shell form who gradually faded into the background [M 145].

PIPER, PC The constable at Wharton Magnus, he arrested Mr Smedley on suspicion of being a dodgy character [M 1367]; and was probably pressed into service by Lucas Bull, when on the track of Johnny. [M 1491]

PLUMMER, J. STUART aka MR DOLLINGTON Treasurer of the Courtfield branch of the British Unemployed Benevolent Fund, and a con man. Bunter collected donations for the fund at Greyfriars on the premise that he could keep 10% of anything collected. Bunter embezzled the takings and was expelled; only being allowed back after being run over by Coker.

POINTER, CAPTAIN A card-sharper who inveigles Mauleverer into playing spot the ball for money in the train to Blackpool, until the other juniors interfere. He later relieves Vernon-Smith of his spare cash through playing cards, so Smithy has to rely on Mauleverer’s party to get home. [M 234cf. Captain Punter in G 132, 339-340 & M 450]

POLICE See Police Constables Crump, Hodson, Piper and Horatio Tozer; Inspectors Brent, Carter, Chapman, Clyne, Cook, Fix, Flick, Garnish, Grimes, Harker, Haynes, Hotham, Irons, Jones, Jude, Moles, Parker, Pickford, Rhymer, Shute, Simmons, Snope, Stacey and Trevelly; Detective Sergeant Frost; Detective Inspector Jones; Messrs Beaky, Cyrus Carter, Peter Carter, Charlot, Hart, Milsum and Tomlinson; Ferrers Locke and Jack Drake; Dalton Hawke; and Sexton Blake.

POLPEN A small village in Cornwall, about a mile from Pengarth. [M 811]

PONSONBY, CECIL A member of the Highcliffe Fourth form, leader of the nuts, and form captain until Courtenay’s arrival. Greyfriars’ Gallery [M 497]


POPPER, ARCHIE Sir Hilton Popper’s nephew. He was supposed to go to Greyfriars but instead opted for the Navy, so Wibley took his place to try and rescind a sentence of expulsion [M 1537-1540].

POPPER, CECIL aka POP O’ THE CIRCUS Sir Hilton Popper’s ward, he was sent to Greyfriars so Sir Hilton could pocket guardianship payments. He disliked the restrictions of school life and went back to the circus [M 1166-1168]

POPPER, SIR HILTON An irascible local landowner, JP and sometimes Governor of Greyfriars School. Greyfriars’ Gallery [M 540], Greyfriars’ Interviews [M 1499], Stately Homes of Greyfriars [M 1532]


POTTER, GEORGE A member of the Fifth form and Coker’s studymate. Greyfriars’ Gallery [M 534], Greyfriars’ Interviews [M 1467], Greyfriars’ Guide [M 1580], My Own Page [M 1623]

POTTS, MR The ancient gardener of Cliff House, who had a soft spot for Marjorie Hazeldene [Bessie Bunter of Cliff House]

POTTS, PETER Actually a new page, he swapped places with a new boy, Arthur Jolly [M 165 by HCH].

POUNDS, MR The proprietor of the grocer’s shop in Friardale, and employer of Sam Short as an errand boy. [M 137]

POYNINGS, MR Mr Henry Coker’s secretary, he had long been blackmailing him, with a letter to his employer from a Mr Statton, a scapegoat from a City swindle Mr Coker had helped flee overseas. He kidnapped Horace Coker to prevent him going home for the Christmas holidays and discovering the truth, but the Famous Five stayed on at School and found Coker. Going to Holly Lodge for Christmas, they were followed by Bunter, who saw Poynings adding poison to Mr Coker’s wineglass, so finally exposing Poynings. [M 981-984]

PRICE A member of the Second form.

PRICE A one-time member of the Remove. He lent Bunter 2/6 and tried to get it back when Bunter was in funds, borrowed from Wharton. Bulstrode thought Wharton had lent the money at interest, and persuaded Price not to get mixed up in money-lending. [M 32]

PRICE, STEPHEN A member of the Fifth form and Hilton’s studymate. Greyfriars’ Interviews [M 1468], Greyfriars’ Guide [M 1581]

PRIM, MISS The school nurse, a grim and forbidding woman. When Bunter was admitted to the Sanatorium she discovered that he had packed his handkerchief with pepper to fake a cold and so escape a sentence of Coventry [Cassell 14].

PRIMROSE, MISS PENELOPE The Head teacher of Cliff House School. Magnet Portrait Gallery [M 259], Greyfriars Gallery [M 520]

PRO BONO PUBLICO WHOLESALE CO. [M 1306 cf. Eureka Bazaar Company Ltd. in M 618 by FGC]

PROTHEROE, ERNEST Author of the Tanglewood School stories in the Schoolboys’ Own Library.

PROUT, PAUL PONTIFEX Master of the Fifth Form at Greyfriars. Greyfriars’ Celebrities [M 1156], Greyfriars’ Correspondents [M 1190], Greyfriars’ Heroes [M 1261], Greyfriars’ Cartoons [M 1372], Greyfriars’ Interviews [M 1469], Greyfriars’ Guide [M 1582], My Own Page [M 1634]

PUBLIC HOUSES The original public house in Friardale [also known as Ferrydale and Dale] was the Green Man, with facilities for hiring horse and traps, and a jolly host. [eg. M 5, M 19]

PUNCHER, MISS Actually Cherry in disguise. Along with Misses Bunkhurst and Jorkins (Wharton and Bolsover) they posed as the Women’s Property Smashing League. They handled PC Tozer, and then paid a visit to Loder’s study to wreck it, on the pretence that Loder’s uncle was an MP opposed to extending the franchise to women. [M 341]

PUNTER, CAPTAIN A cardsharp and pickpocket who first appeared in the Gem, trying to pick the juniors’ pockets during a day out at White City [G 132], and later gambling with Cutts and Lumley-Lumley. [G 339-340] When the Greyfriars juniors visit D’Arcy at Eastwood House for a cricket weekend, Captain Punter induces them to play cards for money in the train by posing as a Greyfriars Old Boy and War veteran. He later persuades them that D’Arcy is about to run away as he cannot pay a gambling debt of £20. The Co. raise the money, and but for Larry Lascelles’ intervention would have paid it to Captain Punter. [M 450 cf. Captain Pointer in M 234]

PUNTER, WILFRED A temporary member of the Remove form [M 952 by KEN].

PYE-SMITH, REGINALD AUBREY aka WEGGIE A temporary member of the Remove, as gullible as Alonzo Todd ever was. [M 591 by FGC].


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