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TALBOT, ARTHUR A one-time member of the Fifth form, leaving in M 202.

TALBOYS A member of the Fourth Form at Highcliffe, and occasional supporter of Ponsonby. He helped Vernon-Smith in his campaign to expel the Famous Five by helping capture some of the Greyfriars scouts so they would lose a scouting contest. [M 247]

TALUPA The Tonganese cook aboard the Aloha. When Soames took over the ship, he put Talupa in charge of Bunter in the galley. Talupa repaid Bunter’s previous treatment by using a rope-end on him, but Bunter got his revenge when the Famous Five retook the ship. [M 1022]

TAMINAHO The cannibal chief of an island the Golden Arrow stopped at to buy fruit. He bid 10 women and 15 pigs for Bunter, intended as the centrepiece of a feast. [M 1021]

TANKERTON HALL Bunter invites the Famous Five and Squiff to his uncle Carter’s residence, but it turns out to be a paying guest house. [Skilton 5]


TATTON, ROWLAND A member of the Second form.

TED A bar tender at the Red Cow, he once called at Greyfriars with a note for Levison from Mr Joliffe. [M 46]

TELEVISION PLAYS [1952-1961] These were commissioned by the BBC following the success of the Bunter Books, and all written by Frank Richards. The first one was shown twice on the same day [afternoon and evening]; and thereafter they were shown around tea-time. Unfortunately, very little money was invested in permanent sets, and some of the characters were little more than ciphers, but they were popular. It seems likely that this list is incomplete, and it is not known whether any were repeated or not.

TEMPLE, CECIL REGINALD Captain of the Upper Fourth Form. Greyfriars’ Gallery [M 501], Greyfriars’ Heroes [M 1238], Greyfriars’ Cartoons [M 1389], Greyfriars’ Interviews [M 1478], Stately Homes of Greyfriars [M 1527], Greyfriars’ Guide [M 1590], My Own Page [M 1628]

TENNIEL, TEDDY A temporary member of the Remove and a skilled artist. [M 653 by GRS].

THIRD FORM At one time the form seems to have been split into Upper and Lower forms, comparable to the Upper Fourth and Remove; but this arrangement was soon phased out. [M 56]

THOMAS The pageboy at Wharton Lodge, a distant relative of Wells the butler. His position was put in jeopardy when a series of thefts from the larder were committed, until they were ascribed to Bunter, hiding away in the attics as an unwelcome guest. [M 1350-1351]

THORNTON, TED A temporary member of the Remove form [M 861 by JNP].

THRESHER, MAJOR THORNDYKE An officer, late of the guards, who rents a house near Greyfriars to pass a peaceful summer. As his house is near a temporary cricket ground used by the Greyfriars juniors, and his cherry orchard is raided, he is perpetually feuding with Greyfriars. [M 588 by GRS]


TODD, ALONZO THEOPHILUS A one-time member of the Remove and Peter’s cousin, arriving in M 125. Magnet Portrait Gallery [M 264],Greyfriars’ Gallery [M 471], Magnet Portrait Gallery [M 951], Greyfriars’ Celebrities [M 1154], Greyfriars’ Correspondents [M 1185], Greyfriars’ Heroes [M 1242], Rhymes of the Remove [M 1363],Greyfriars’ Interviews [M 1480], Greyfriars’ Guide [M 1593]

TODD, ERNEST A member of the Second form.

TODD, PETER A member of the Remove and Alonzo’s cousin arriving in M 271. Greyfriars’ Celebrities [M 901], Magnet Portrait Gallery [M 921], Greyfriars’ Celebrities [M 1146], Greyfriars’ Heroes [M 1250], Greyfriars’ Cartoons [M 1384], Greyfriars’ Interviews [M 1479], Stately Homes of Greyfriars [M 1516], Greyfriars’ Guide [M 1592], My Own Page [M 1615]

TODD, UNCLE BENJAMIN Uncle to both Peter and Alonzo Todd, and full of pronounced homely wisdom of the “turn the other cheek” variety, which Alonzo often took to heart. He gave Alonzo “The Story of the Potato from Seed to Saucepan”, and instilled in him a love of botanical studies, missionary societies and board games.

TOM MERRY’S OWN [1949-1954] Published by Mandeville publications and primarily concerning St. Jim’s, they also featured stories of Greyfriars, Rookwood and Carcroft.

TOMLINSON, MR A private detective employed by Sir Peter Lancaster to discover the identity and motivation of the person behind the repeated kidnap attempts made on Lord Reynham. [M 1556-1559]

TOMLINSON, TEDDY A member of the Upper Fourth form, with a brother in the Fifth form.

TOMLINSON, TOM A member of the Fifth form, with a brother in the Upper Fourth.


TOMSONIO’S CIRCUS A series written for Pluck in 1909, which featured in the Gem and the Magnet. [G 96-97 and 106-107; M 164 and additional story in M 200]

TONY A monkey which escaped from Tompsonio’s circus and caused havoc at Greyfriars. [M 894 by FGC]

TOPHAM, MR A master at Redclyffe School. He gave Wingate, playing Redclyffe;s First XI, a private message that his brother Jack was playing cards at the Cross Keys. [M 925]

TOPHAM, SIR TIMOTHY A temporary new boy. [M 673 by GRS]

TOPHAM & TUKE A firm of bookmakers. Mauleverer’s valet Orris owed them Ł256, as Bunter discovered when he read a letter of Orris’ he found; and it was this debt that pushed Orris into kidnapping Mauleverer for Ł1,000 ransom [M 1245].

TOZER, PC HORATIO (FRIARDALE) The local policeman. In early stories he conducted a running feud with Greyfriars’ juniors, suspecting them of all kinds of mischief until shown up by Wharton’s hoax [M 134]. He searches the ruined priory on Skinner’s information, hoping to find Paul Tyrell avoiding the call up, but with no success [M 467]. He was used by Captain Spencer to establish an alibi, until exposed by Vernon-Smith. [M 1008] He was knocked down by Loder late at night to avoid being discovered on the way to the pub, and Loder ended up secretly sending him a Ł10 note as compensation following Vernon-Smith’s intervention [M 1035]. He was also used to allegedly strike fear into the hearts of rebels who had barricaded themselves in somewhere. [eg. M 504, 1173, 1513] Stately Homes of Greyfriars [M 1534]

TRACEY, GILBERT A temporary member of the Remove [M 1599-1608 cf. Angelo Lee in G 970-974]

TRAILL, ARTHUR A temporary member of the Remove. Skinner japes him on his first day and when Wharton turns the tables, harbours feelings of revenge, confirmed after Traill has beaten him in a fair fight. Skinner discovers that Traill has left the dormitory that night and locks him out, but in the morning Traill is asleep in bed, denies Skinner’s story and no-one believes Skinner. After the Bounder has also seen Traill out of bounds at night, the Remove suspect the worst even though Traill still denies it. Skinner keeps watch and wakes the Remove next time Traill leaves the dormitory. The Remove discover he is sleepwalking, and he is sent home for a cure. [M 1317].

TREGELLIS, MR The landlord of the Rose Inn in Polpen, he served the Greyfriars party tea before they arrived at Pengarth. [M 811]

TRELUCE, ANTHONY A one-time member of the Remove. Magnet Portrait Gallery [M 265]

TREMAINE, CHARLES A prefect and member of the Sixth Form.

TREVLYN, CLARA A member of the Cliff House Fourth Form, and best friends with Marjorie Hazeldene. Magnet Portrait Gallery [M 257], Greyfriars’ Interviews [M 1498]

TREVOR, HERBERT BEAUCHAMP or WILLIAM A one-time member of the Remove, arriving in M2 and soon fading into the background. The son of a rich Lancashire cotton mill owner, he was initially down on Linley, but soon came round. Greyfriars’ Interviews [M 1481], Greyfriars’ Guide [M 1594]

TROJANS, THE The nickname of Bob and Curly Williams, due to their strength and force of character. [M 462 by GRS]

TROTTER, THEOPHILUS The Greyfriars’ page. Greyfriars’ Gallery [M 548], Greyfriars’ Correspondents [M 1192], Greyfriars’ Interviews [M 1482], Greyfriars’ Guide [M 1595]

TRUMPER, DAVE A retired fisherman living in Pegg, his son Dick attends the school in Courtfield.

TRUMPER, DICK [RICHARD ARTHUR] Son of Dave Trumper, a Pegg fisherman, and leader of the Fourth Form at Courtfield Council School. He also headed the local Scout troop, and had frequent clashes with the Greyfriars’ juniors. Greyfriars’ Gallery [M 531]

TUBB, GEORGE Captain of the Third Form. Magnet Portrait Gallery [M 261], Greyfriars’ Gallery [M 498], Magnet Portrait Gallery [M 959], Greyfriars’ Correspondents [M 1187], Greyfriars’ Heroes [M 1247], Greyfriars’ Interviews [M 1484], Greyfriars’ Guide [M 1596], My Own Page [M 1622]

TUNSTALL, FREDERICK GUEST A member of the Highcliffe Fourth and originally one of Ponsonby’s coterie, sharing a study with Merton and then Derwent. When Merton was temporarily blinded in a fight, Tunstall came to realise how much of a friend Merton was, and this completed his reformation. [Twins From Tasmania G 499-554 serial] Greyfriars’ Gallery [M 558]

TURNER, MAURICE A member of the Upper Fourth form.

TURNSTALL A member of the Upper Fourth form.

TWIGG, MR Master of the Second Form at Greyfriars. Greyfriars’ Interviews [M 1485], Greyfriars’ Guide [M 1597]

TYRELL, PAUL Bob Cherry’s older cousin, an inveterate gambler and criminal. He first appeared in the guise of Mr Yorke, a new football coach, with the intent of burgling Greyfriars. He had to adopt a pseudonym as he had previously had to leave England following embezzlement at the bank he had worked at. Bob Cherry spoiled his plans, and he left. [M 266] He reappeared a few weeks later, and robbed Mauleverer of Ł200 to gamble with in Monte Carlo. The Famous Five pursued him to Monte Carlo and managed to retrieve most of the stolen money. [M 270 cf. Archie Hilton in G 111-112] He later came to Greyfriars masquerading as Dick Chester at an old boys’ cricket match, robbing the Games Fund and Mauly’s study. He was caught by the Famous Five and Wingate, but let go on condition he enlisted, to avoid the scandal his arrest would cause [M 385 by ESB]. He hid in the ruined priory to evade the call up, but saved Gosling from a fire and enlisted after all. [M 467] He appeared again, and was suspected of theft, although Vivian was actually unwittingly concealing the “stolen” property. [M 483] He was on the run from the police again, and hiding in the ruined priory, until Smithy gave him the money to get clear away to the continent. [M 1268] Greyfriars’ Gallery [M 553].


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