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Who's Who and What's What: H

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HACKER A one-time member of the Sixth Form, and crony of Carberry’s. He was a member of the party who drank whiskey doctored with paraffin by Cherry. [M 46]

HACKER, MR HORACE The Master of the Shell form at Greyfriars, his nickname is the Acid Drop. Greyfriars’ Gallery [M 544],Greyfriars’ Guide [M 1559], My Own Page [M 1630]

HAMMERSLEY, VINCENT A member of the Sixth Form.

HANDLEY One of Captain Donovan’s gang. [M 716 by GRS]

HARKER, INSPECTOR He arrested Kutanosoff and Biffinoski, two Russian anarchists intent on assassinating Bunter after he had bought a Russian title. [M 741 by SRS]

HARRIS, MR The landlord of the Green Man, a public house in Friardale with horse and traps for hire. [M 19]

HART, MR A detective investigated the mystery surrounding Black Rock. [M 816 by SEA]

HARVEY’S A sporting goods shop in Friardale. Linley was sent by Carberry for cigarettes, but told to tell anyone who asked that he was collecting a football from here. [M 46]

HAVE, MR Aunt Tabitha Bull’s lawyer, he was instructed to send Johnny Bull £500, to see how he spent it. [M 154]

HAWKE, DALTON Actually, a one-time assistant and protégé of Ferrers Locke working undercover. He discovered that it was Gadsby of the Shell who had stolen Mr Capper’s rare stamp, for which theft Gadsby was expelled. [M 230] [233, 238]

HAWKE, JERRY A rascally bookmaker who haunts the local pubs, particularly the Cross Keys and Red Cow. On being released from prison, he tried to blackmail Smithy with an old IOU, but Smithy managed to trap him in the vaults under the ruined priory until he gave up the IOU. [M 334]

HAWTHORNE PARK The site of Cyrus Hunker’s cinema school, comprising an old country house with various outbuildings and extensive grounds suitable for the backdrop to any melodramatic film. [M 660-664]

HAYNES, INSPECTOR Took into custody the Japanese gang trying to use Hiraka Okito to rob Greyfriars. [M 778 by FGC]

HAYWOOD’S POOL A part of the Sark with deep and dangerous currents, named after a Greyfriars boy who had drowned at the spot. Wharton’s life was saved by his uncle here, when he fell in whilst out on a picnic. [M 13]

HAZELDENE, MARJORIE A member of the Fourth Form at Cliff House and Peter’s sister. When she first visits Greyfriars, she is kidnapped by the gipsies Barengro and Melchior for her clothes and valuables; but Hazel and his friends rescue her and manage to retrieve her belongings. [M 5] She accompanies a group of Removites to Wharton Lodge one Easter to perform in Peter Pan; and Bob Cherry first reveals his devotion to Marjorie. [M 13] When Ionides tried to mash Marjorie Hazeldene, ordering Wharton and Hazel away, Wun Lung doctored his face lotion so Ionides went to dinner with the Head with a green face. [M 49] When Linley is sent to Coventry, following Snoop’s sneaking to Mr Quelch, Marjorie Hazeldene intervenes and uncovers the facts to clear him. [M 58] Cliff House opens, and Marjorie becomes a permanent presence in the Greyfriars setup. [M 59] Magnet Portrait Gallery [M 257], Greyfriars’ Gallery [M 504], Greyfriars’ Cartoons [M 1398], Greyfriars’ Interviews [M 1496]

HAZELDENE, PETER aka HAZEL A member of the Remove form and Marjorie’s brother. He was already a member of the Remove when Wharton arrived in M 1, and nicknamed Vaseline in early Red Magnets due to his slippery ways, but soon became known as Hazel. When Bob Cherry arrives, Hazel tricks him into believing that Carberry’s study is in fact the Head’s study; and opens Cherry’s box whilst he is absent. When Cherry challenges Hazel, he finds a photo of Marjorie, and cannot believe that Hazel has such a sister. [M 2] When Wharton enters the Seaton D’Arcy prize exam, Hazel cuts a button off Harry’s jacket he fiddles with to relieve stress. Hazel wins the prize as a result. When his duplicity is discovered, Hazel is forced to confess to the Head, and sent to Coventry as a punishment. [M 3] Bulstrode rages Hazel and discovers he wears a locket with Marjorie’s photo in it. When Wharton intervenes to force Bulstrode to return the locket, Hazel starts to make friends, and breaks bounds to buy tuck for a midnight feast. [M 4] When Marjorie intends to visit Hazel at Greyfriars, she is kidnapped by gipsies. Hazel, Wharton, Cherry and Nugent track down Marjorie and then Barengro and Melchior, delivering them up to Inspector Snope’s custody. [M 5] Hazel gets into debt with a moneylender, Mr Isaacs; and Wharton has to pawn his watch to help Hazel clear the debt. [M 12] Greyfriars’ Gallery [M 488], Magnet Portrait Gallery [M 932], Greyfriars’ Celebrities [M 1168], Greyfriars’ Guide [M 1560]

HEAD’S LATIN PRIZE Major Cherry decided that Bob was not showing enough in the way of scholastic achievement, and decreed that Bob must win the Head’s Latin prize or leave Greyfriars. At the cost of losing his friends and forgoing games, Bob made a valiant effort, but fought Ponsonby & Co. the day before the exam as the had tied up Hurree Singh. As a result his paper failed, and Major Cherry was set to withdraw him from the school until Hurree Singh intervened and put Bob’s case. [M 975-979]

HEALTH KNOWLEDGE [M 660 on] A series of practical first aid articles by George Howe.

HEART’S DESIRE aka BARCELONA A wrecked ship off the coast near Pegg. Marline Joe and Jack Babcock, the original skipper’s grandson, were both after the skipper’s pearls hidden on board. [M 872 by SEA]

HEATH, ESAU A temporary member of the Remove, eventually expelled. [M 173-174]

HEMSTETTER, MR A rag and bone man. Bunter sold the £15 weighing machine bequeathed by Aunt Eliza’s will to him for £2. [M 941 by HWT]

HIGGS A member of the Fifth form.

HIGGS A one-time member of the Remove form, conned by Bunter into buying a subscription for his newspaper. [M 76]

HIGHCLIFFE A school about three miles from Greyfriars, on the way to Courtfield. Originally, the Remove’s contacts with the Fourth Form at Highcliffe were minimal. When they first met, Vavasour was captain of the form, later replaced by Ponsonby before Courtenay’s arrival.

Sixth Form: taught by Dr Voysey

Langley, Arthur de Bohun [Captain]

Mowbray [GRS]

Melcroft [GRS]

Roper [Prefect]

Fifth Form

Monson Major.

Fourth Form: taught by Mr Mobbs

Beauclere, Sir Harry [M 329]

Jones Minor



Blades [M 571]

Monson Minor

Byng [M 99 & 109]


Clare, Arthur [= Frank Courtenay in BFL 1/286]

Ponsonby, Cecil

Courtenay, Frank [Captain]


De Courcy, Rupert


Derwent, Phillip aka Flap [JNP]

Tunstall, Frederick Guest


Vavasour, Adolphus Theodore

Gadsby, Reginald Havers


Second Form



HILARY, DICK A member of the Remove, arriving in M 559 and soon fading into the background.

HILTON, CEDRIC A member of the Fifth form. Stately Homes of Greyfriars [M 1525 Greyfriars’ Guide [M 1561], My Own Page [M 1625]

HOBBS, MRS A London landlady. Willie Newman rented a room here when he ran away to London before being found by Wally Bunter. [M 734 by GRS]

HOBSON, JAMES Captain of the Shell form. Greyfriars’ Guide [M 1562], My Own Page [M 1616]

HOBSON, PETER aka PEDRILLO A temporary member of the Remove [M 945-948].

HODSON, PC The constable at Seacliff who arrested John Mainwaring. Elsie arrived to late to prevent the arrest, but PC Hodson allowed her time with her father before taking him off to jail. [M 664]

HOFFMAN, FRITZ A member of Herr Rosenblaum’s Beechwood Academy, and rivals with Meunier for leadership of the form. He stayed temporarily at Greyfriars [M 6] and was involved in ructions with the Remove.

HOGG, MR. The Friardale bailiff, he was employed by Mr Snooks to put in a man in possession of Penfold’s cottage. [M 277]

HOLLY HOUSE Home to Mr Henry Coker and Miss Judith Coker, brother and sister and Coker’s aunt and uncle.

HOP HI A member of the Second form arriving in M 117, and Wun Lung’s younger brother. Magnet Portrait Gallery [M 260], Greyfriars’ Gallery [M 527]

HOPKINS A member of the Third Form, he won the Junior Bursary prize. [M 889 by GRS]


HOSKINS, CLAUDE The musical genius of the Shell and Hobson’s best friend. Greyfriars’ Gallery [M 537], Greyfriars’ Celebrities [M 902], Magnet Portrait Gallery [M 956], Greyfriars’ Celebrities [M 1155], Greyfriars’ Heroes [M 1255], Greyfriars’ Cartoons [M 1396], Greyfriars’ Guide [M 1563], My Own Page [M 1636]

HOTHAM, INSPECTOR (WOODFORD) On the trail of George Waring, escaped convict 19 and cousin of Eric Gilmore, temporary Second Form master. [M 1039]

HOW TO CLOG DANCE [M 619 on] A series of articles by Mark Linley on the old Lancashire art of clog dancing.

HOW’S THAT. UMPIRE ? [M 1321 on]

HOWELL, ARCHIE Brother to Phyllis, he drifted in and out of Greyfriars’ stories for a while, often vying for leadership of the form, or trying to achieve sporting prowess. [M 646-648, 700, 710, 786 by GRS]

HOWELL, DALTON Archie and Phyllis’s elder brother, he died whilst serving in World War I [M by GRS].

HOWELL, PHYLLIS A member of the Fourth form at Cliff House, and a close friend of Marjorie Hazeldene and Clara Trevlyn. A character created by a substitute author in School and Sport [BFL 1/319 of 1915 by GRS] and brother to Archie, she featured in a number of Frank Richards’ original stories. Greyfriars’ Gallery [M 525]

HUGHES A one-time member of the Remove haling from Wales, the only person who stood up for Wharton when he first arrived. [M 3]

HUNKER, CYRUS Film producer and the owner of Hawthorne Park. He persuaded the Head and Miss Primrose to allow a number of their pupils to spend some weeks at his Cinema School at Hawthorne Park, to take part in a series of silent films. [M 660-664]

HUNKS, HERBERT An ex-sailor discharged from the merchant navy for drunkenness, and possibly theft. He was hired by Skinner to pose as Redwing’s father, thought to be lost at sea, and was happy to oblige having previously known and fallen out with the real John Redwing. [M 543]

HYPNOTISM MADE EASY A booklet by Professor Foozleum, bought by Clegg of the Third Form. Bunter borrowed it, so saving 5/- by not having to buy it himself. [M 29-30].


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