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Who's Who and What's What: A

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ABBEYDALE A small town some distance from Greyfriars. The Remove once played their cricket XI. [M 746 by SEA]

ABBEYDALE GRANGE One of Mr Vernon-Smith’s country homes, near the town of Abbeydale. His diary was stolen by Callaghan’s gang whilst the Remove Cricket XI were staying here for the night. [M 746-747 by SEA]

ABBEYSIDE SCHOOL Mauleverer’s cousin and double Aubrey Spencer is a pupil here. Mauly swapped places with him for a few days to rescind Spencer’s sentence of expulsion. [M 451 by GRS]

ABBOTT OF GREYFRIARS His ghost is reputed to haunt the cloisters. The legend was used by the Famous Five to make Bunter give up Professor Sparkinson’s elixir. [M 1348]

ABBOTT’S CELL A modern chalet is now built on the site of this ancient ruin, once used as a penitentiary by the monks. Randolph Crocker set up shop here, posing as a cobbler, and used the secret passage connecting it with the Head’s corridor to rob the school, until unmasked by James Duck (Jack Drake in disguise). [M 1615-1625]

ABBOTT’S SPINNEY A small wood near Greyfriars, owned by Mr Pilkins, the Courtfield estate agent.

ABBOTTSFORD A school near St. Jim’s, against whom the Greyfriars’ First XI occasionally play. [M 417 by GRS]

ABDULLAH A Nubian slave belonging to Sheikh Mustapha ben Mohammed. [M 806]

ABDURRAHMAN Sheikh of the Baggara tribe. He was bribed by Kalizelos to force Mauleverer to give up the Scarab of A-Menah by kidnapping the Greyfriars’ party. Mr Maroudi paid the sheikh a larger sum to turn the tables, releasing them and capturing Kalizelos instead. [M 1284]

ABRAHAMS, MR. The local rag and bone man, also known as Old Clo’. [M 729]


ACHMET A camel driver in the pay of Bou Saoud, who helped Honest Ibrahim try and capture the Famous Five as they searched for Major Cherry. He was shot and wounded by Wharton, so forcing him to abandon his plans. [M 866]

ACID DROP Mr Hacker’s nickname.

ADELAIDE Parlourmaid to Johnny Bull’s aunt, Miss Bull. [M 810]

ADLER, SS The ship that was carrying Clive Cholmondeley from India to Greyfriars. It was wrecked off the coast of Pegg and Tom Handley was able to take Cholmondeley’s place until blackmailed by Lasker, the other survivor from the wreck. [M 301]

ADVENTURERS FOUR A serial by Alec Pearson relating Hal Mackenzie’s adventures in the Southern Andes, in search of the secret of the Tower of the Southern Star. [M 435-451]

AESCHYLUS A 5th century BC Greek poet, of whom Dr. Locke is preparing a new translation. [M 145]

AGRA GOBLET General Gadsby’s most prized possession, brought back from India. Pawson, the butler at Gadsby Croft, tried to steal it and frame the Famous Five who were camping nearby; but his plan was foiled by Smithy, staying as one of Gadsby’s houseguests. [M 1339]

AH FENG A jade dealer in Singapore whose men captured Nugent and Bunter to trade for Wun Lung under the orders of the Red Dragon Tong. Nugent and Bunter managed to escape, and Ferrers Locke thrashes Ah Feng when he later comes on board ship to arrange the exchange. [M 1180]

AHMED Servant to Perez, and a member of the Dinkas. [M 1230]

AHMED, EYE OF A great diamond, the symbol of power of the sheikhs of the Yusef tribe. Mustapha ben Mohammed kidnapped Ali and Major Cherry, and subsequently Marjorie and Clara, to try and force Ali into giving it up and ceding the sheikhdom. [M 862-869 = C8]

AITOO A South Seas word meaning devil, it was Soames’ nickname when he was a slave trader. [M 1017-1026 = C11]

ALBERT The footman who looked after Bunter at Cavandale Abbey, whose name Bunter deliberately could never remember. [M 1191]

ALBERT A footman at Gadsby Croft. [M 1339]


ALFORD, GUY Loder’s cousin. When Loder accidentally knocked out M. Charpentier, he went to stay with his cousin to avoid the limelight on the pretext of visiting a sick relative. [M 892 by GRS]


ALI A half-caste member of Krantz’ slave trading gang. Smithy was held in his custody until rescued by Bunter. [M 1229]

ALI A servant of Mr Maroudi’s, he was bribed £800 by Kalizelos to steal the Scarab of A-Menah. He was exposed and punished when caught trying to throw Wharton overboard en route to Alexandria. [M 1278]

ALIENS The name given to the French and German boys of Herr Rosenblaum’s Beechwood Academy; at one time situated just through the cloisters from Greyfriars.

ALLARDYCE, MR He was captured burgling Greyfriars, and turned out to be an old friend of Mr Myers, wounded in the Somme, for whom Mr Myers had taken the blame following a prior burglary at his place of work. [M 889 by GRS]

ALLOTMENTS To help the War effort, parts of the school grounds were turned into allotments during the First World War for each form to tend; and they featured in a number of stories. [M 498, 501 & 508]

ALOHA A South Seas schooner belonging to Mr Vernon-Smith’s copra fleet. She was used by Redwing’s party to search for Black Peter’s treasure, until sinking off Caca Island. They were rescued by the Golden Arrow after escaping from cannibals in the ship’s whaleboat. [M 1021-1026 = C11]

ALVARA, CARLOS A Spanish bandit who robs Coker & Co. whilst riding in the hills above Algeciras. [M 1315]

AMADEO A Neapolitan boatman hired by Tiger Bronx to kidnap Bunter at Posilippo, his attempt being foiled by the Famous Five. [M 1389]

AMELIA Housekeeper to Mr Pickering, the tutor hired to instruct Smithy during the Easter holidays. [M 1365-1366]

A-MENHA An ancient Egyptian general whose golden scarab was coveted by Kalizelos, holding the clue to the whereabouts of the fabulous diamond, the Eye of Osiris. [M 1277-1284]


AMBITIONS A series of pictures representing Magnet readers’ ambitions in terms of sporting, scholastic and moral endeavours. [M 324 on]

AMPINGE A small village in Kent, a few miles from Margate along the coast, and the home of Mr Pickering. [M 1365-1366]

ANCHOR, THE A public house on the sea front at Pegg, with a tea-garden. Captain Stump stayed here after his ship was wrecked on the Shoulder. [M 52-62] Lorrell’s Lambs stayed here one summer and played the Remove at cricket. [M 131] Redwing took Smithy here to hire a trap home, having rescued him from a storm at sea. [M 517]

ANDERSON, JAMES Bunter’s valet during his stay at Reynham Castle as Lord Reynham. Bunter thought it very aristocratic to continually forget his name. [M 1557-1559]

ANDERSON, JAMES The alias Soames used when he and Rat Hankey robbed Lantham Post Office. [M 1609-1612]

ANDERSON, MR. Captain Holden’s accomplice in trying to steal boxes of gold salvaged from the sea bed off Pegg. The Famous Five eventually foiled their plans. [M 762 by NWS]

ANFRITH A Saxon soldier who later became a hermit in the Romney Marshes, and then a monk. Mr Quelch believed him to be the original founder of Greyfriars monastery. He was also known as the Black Monk, presumably because of his past exploits as a soldier.

ANGEL, AUBREY The worst junior black sheep at Greyfriars. When he arrived Sir Jimmy Vivian looked up to him until he was taken for a ride. [M 546-548] He soon fell out with Snoop after taunts about his father’s criminal past, until Snoop fought and beat him. [M 563]. He later refused to acknowledge Mick the Gypsy as his brother, until forced to by circumstance. [M 819-823]. He tried to blackmail Hazeldene into throwing a football match so he could win a bet with Smithy [M 973]. He shares a study with Paul Kenney. Greyfriars’ Interviews [1418], Greyfriars’ Guide [M 1535]

ANGEL, CLAUDE Aubrey Angel’s elder brother. [M 821]

ANGEL, DENYS Sir Phillip Angel’s late brother, a colonel in the army and magistrate who died in the First World War. He was extremely fond of Mick, having no children of his own, and left his fortune to him.

ANGEL, MAURICE aka MICK THE GIPSY Adopted by Denys Angel, he was kidnapped by Barengro the gypsy in revenge for a sentence handed down by Denys Angel from the bench. He came to Greyfriars as a reward for saving Sir Hilton Popper from drowning. He fell out with Aubrey, and was nearly expelled from Greyfriars until his true identity and inheritance was revealed. He left Greyfriars for private tuition. As his inheritance included Lochmuir Castle, he invited the Famous Five to spend Christmas there with him, where they had to deal with Aubrey’s animosity and a phantom piper. [M 819-823 and 828-830 = C34]

ANGEL, SIR PHILLIP, MP, BART. A governor of Greyfriars and father to Claude, Aubrey and Maurice. Until he learned that it was Mick who had saved him from an attack by Barengro, and subsequently discovered that Mick was his missing son, he tried to persuade the Head that Mick should leave Greyfriars. [M 820-823]

ANSWERS An Associated Press magazine. Bunter entered its football competition with the expectation of winning £1 per week for 6 months, but to no avail. [M 38] It ran a poetry competition with a first prize of £50, which became all the rage at Greyfriars. Bunter won, but only because Skinner has swapped his and Linley’s entries. [M 711 by GRS]

ANTHONY The waiter at the Barleymow Inn, Little Puddleford. [M 1333]

ANTOINE The Major-domo at the magnificent Parisian mansion rented by Jarvish on Bunter’s behalf, he has perfected the art of walking backwards when welcoming guests to the property. [M 1385]

ANTONIO, BROTHER An Italian priest helped by the Famous Five after being attacked by footpads. Cardinal Colonna, his superior, gave the Co. the use of his car to sightsee whilst in Rome in return. [M 1388]

AOUDHA An Indian Ayah engaged by Bunter whilst in India, under the impression that he would get a man servant rather than a nursemaid. [M 966]

APPEAL TO THE HEAD The ultimate appeal against a Form master or prefect’s decision or punishment. Bulstrode used it when attempting to get his own back against Mr Quelch, but it backfired. [M 134] Vernon-Smith used it often when he arrived, as his father had a hold over the Head. Eventually the Remove decided to reform him to stop him having an unfair advantage. [M 119-120]

APOLLO One of Marco’s lions in Muccolini’s Circus. [M 1483]

AQUILLA NERA A country inn in the Apennines at Osteria, at which Bunter and the Famous Five stayed after their plane crashed. [M 1387]

ARCADE, THE The name given to the main parade of shops at Redclyffe, principally its restaurant. [M 1631]

ARCHER, JACK Appeared in a story concerning Mr Prout’s entrusting a mission to Wharton and rivalry with Highcliffe. [M 506 by GRS]

ARCHER, NORMAN Captain of Greyfriars from 1885-1888. [M 799]

ARMADA BOOKS A paperback edition, commencing with Magnet reprints, switching to the post war Bunter books, and then back to Magnet reprints. They were published at irregular intervals from May 1965 through to August 1972.

ARMSTRONG, DR. A temporary Head of Greyfriars. He had devised and tried to implement a new disciplinary system, but due to nervous exhaustion went to extremes; even banning the school from playing football. [M 727-728 by SRS]

ARTHUR A footman at Wharton Lodge. [M 1491]

ARTICLE 33 A section of the Greyfriars Statutes relating to masters’ terms and conditions, it provides that a master of 10 years standing can appeal to the Board of Governors if dismissed. Mr Quelch used it to defy Mr Brander’s dismissal threat. [M 1174]


ARTOIS, GASTON A minor member of Herr Rosenblaum’s Foreign Academy.

ASHFORD A town in Kent approximately 30 miles from Greyfriars. [M 1253]. It is only an hour by train, so Wharton was able to meet up with his uncle here before Colonel Wharton’s trip abroad. [M 879]

ASHLEY DOWNS A beauty spot some 20 miles from Greyfriars, where the Removites sometimes go for a picnic. [M 732 by GRS]

ASHLEY, DANIEL Convicted to 3 years penal servitude for stealing Sir Hilton Popper’s Reubens, he escapes to clear his name and expose Trent as the real culprit. [M 686 by SEA reprinted Pop 2/416-417]

ASHLEY, SAM The gardener’s boy at Greyfriars, he helped his father Daniel to clear his name. [M 686 by SEA reprinted Pop 2/416-417]

ASHWOOD A town 3 miles from Cavandale Abbey in Surrey, and the railway station for the Abbey. [M 1191]

ASPASIA, SS An abandoned ship which floated into Pegg Bay. The Famous Five tried to claim salvage, but had to solve its mystery first. [M 239]

ASSEMBLY ROOMS A parish function room in Friardale used for village meetings, fetes, and so on. It is likely that this was the venue of M Dupont’s ventriloquial show [M 32]. Mr Lambe presided over a bazaar here when Vernon-Smith got Wharton into trouble. [M 248]


AUSTIN The main town in the Rio Frio part of Texas, where the lawyers who sold Mr Vernon-Smith the Kicking Cayuse ranch were based. [M 1576]

AVIS The code name by which Sir William Bird communicated with Wibley, it is Latin for “bird”. [M 1676-1682].


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