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Who's Who and What's What: J

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JACK RABBIT CANYON A location shoot for the Greyfriars film party in California. [M 1105-1106]


JACKSON, PHILBERT A member of the Shell form.

JARVIS, MRS A predecessor of Mrs Kebble, housekeeper at Greyfriars [M 25].

JARVIS The butler at Cherry Place. [M 1142]

JAWBONES A local eccentric who is in the business of fomenting strikes to further the pacifist cause, at least until he comes up against Johnny Bull. [M 557 by RSK]

JENKINS A member of the Dandy’s gang. He rang Bunter posing as Mauleverer’s valet and later kidnapped him with Biter, to allow Jimmy the Fox to gain access to Cherry Place and kidnap Drake. [M 1420]

JINKS, BILLY One of the army of roughs employed by Mr Carneforth to try and quell the Sixth Form rebellion during his brief tenure as headmaster [M 745].

JOHNSON II A one-time member of Greyfriars, although it is unclear which form he belonged to. Bunter sold him Bob Cherry’s penknife to raise the money for a study tea. [M 39]

JOLIFFE, MR The landlord of the Red Cow in Friardale, and supplier of whiskey and cigarettes to Carberry and other members of the smart set. [M 46]

JOLIFFE, MR A lounger in residence at the Cross Keys, presumably no relation to the landlord of the Red Cow. [M 937]

JOLLY, ARTHUR Actually a new boy, he swapped places with a new page, Peter Potts [M 165 by HCH].

JONES A one-time member of the Remove form.

JONES A member of the Shell form.

JONES, MR The local auctioneer. He conducted the sale of the wrecked schooner, and accepted Wharton’s bid of £110, not realising that Bunter’s ventriloquism was at work. [M 53]

JONES, MR Mr Mainwaring’s alias whilst in hiding at Seacliff. [M 664]

JONES, DETECTIVE INSPECTOR (CID) On the track of Shifty Spooner’s loot, he eventually arrested him in the act of disinterring it from the hidden compartment in the Waterlily. [cf. Captain Flash’s loot in M 704-5 and Jimmy Jucks’ quest in “Tom Merry & Co. Caravanners”] [M 1650]

JONES, INSPECTOR (COURTFIELD) Inspector Grimes predecessor at Courtfield, he arrested Arthur Brandreth’s father, following a tip off from Snoop. [M 288]

JONES, JONAS P. A representative of Skinnem’s Staminoid Syrup, he visited Greyfriars to warn Alonzo that his Syrup actually contained a horse tonic due to a bottling error. [M 905 by SRS]

JONES MINOR A member of the Fourth Form at Highcliffe, and supporter of Courtenay.

JORKINS, MISS Actually Bolsover in disguise. Along with Misses Bunkhurst and Puncher (Wharton and Cherry) they posed as the Women’s Property Smashing League. They handled PC Tozer, and then paid a visit to Loder’s study to wreck it, on the pretence that Loder’s uncle was an MP opposed to extending the franchise to women. [M 341]

JUDE, INSPECTOR (CID) He took over the Ravenspur Grange case following Inspector Garnish’s murder, but was beaten to the post by Ferrers Locke’s unmasking of Black Edgar. [M 1125]

JUDO, MR He stole some confidential papers from Mr Gummer, without which Mr Russell was unable to prove his innocence. [M 818 by NWS]

JUNIOR BURSARY PRIZE An examination with a £20 prize open to all members of the Second and Third Forms. [M 889 by GRS].


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