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Who's Who and What's What: L

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LA ROCHE A member of Lerouge’s party of French Schoolboys, who challenged the Greyfriars’ juniors to cricket and gymnastic competitions.

LACEY A one-time member of the Remove, and one of the alleged guests of Bunter’s house-warming [M 54]. Wun Lung and Linley shared a study with him until moving to No. 13 [M 75]

LAMBE, THE REVEREND ORLANDO BEALE Vicar of Friardale. He hosted annual bazaars to raise money for local charities, and Mr Quelch often visited the Vicarage to play chess with him. Magnet Portrait Gallery [M 262]

LANCASTER, DICK aka THE WIZARD A temporary member of the Sixth Form [M 1209-1219].

LANG A one-time member of the Sixth Form.

LANGE, ARNOLD A member of the Shell form.

LANGLEY, ARTHUR DE BOHUN Captain of the Sixth Form and the school at Highcliffe.

LANKESTER A member of the Second form.

LANTHAM SPEEDWAY A dirt track with grandstand on the outskirts of Lantham, where the public paid to watch speedway races [M 1220 by MFD].

LASALLE A member of Beechwood Academy, and close friend of Meunier. [M 40]

LASCELLES, LARRY [LAWRENCE] Maths and games master at Greyfriars. He arrived at Greyfriars having done the Head a service as Larry Lynx the boxer, being forced to enter the ring for a living as Mathematics Master’s posts were hard to come by. He agreed to give up the ring, and even wore a false moustache to distinguish his new career from that of Larry Lynx. [M 324]. Greyfriars’ Gallery [M 511], Greyfriars’ Heroes [M 1244], Greyfriars’ Guide [M 1565]

LATCHAM CORINTHIANS A football team who once played the Remove. [M 943 by NWS]

LATCHLEY A small village some 5 miles from Greyfriars. Martha Cherry once stayed here. [M 870 by SEA]

LAURENCE A one-time member of the Sixth Form.

LAZARUS, SOLLY [SOLOMON] The son of Mr Lazarus, the Courtfield shopkeeper, he attends Courtfield Council School with Dick Trumper.Magnet Portrait Gallery [M 262], Greyfriars Gallery [M 535]

LEE, JIM A temporary member of the Remove form [M 779-784].

LEGG A member of the Second form.

LEGGE, MR The Fourth Form master at Courtfield Council School. He discovered Wally Bunter hiding in his room following a prank by some of his pupils, and took him back to Greyfriars to be punished before the real culprits owned up. [M 573]

LEIGH, CECIL A one-time member of the Remove, arriving in M 188. He had changed his name from Henry Hopkins when his father made a fortune to hide his lowly origins.

LEROUGE, ALPHONSE A pupil at Beechwood School and friend of Meunier’s. [M 34]

LEROUGE, HENRI Meunier’s cousin from St. Mâlo, who visited his cousin at Greyfriars for a short holiday, accompanied by a group of French schoolboys. He lead the cricket team, beaten by the Remove, and the gymnastics team who beat the Remove. [M 19-20]

LEVISON, ERNEST He arrived at the start of a new term, and managed to get on bad terms with almost everyone [M 18]. Wharton sees some good in him, and tries to stay patient in the face of Levison’s carping. After being rescued from the Black Pike, Levison make amends with Wharton [M 31]. He bucked his ideas up to the extent of being the Remove football team’s goalkeeper when they played St. Jim’s [M 39]. After suspecting Wun Lung of being a spy [M 43] he is finally asked to leave [M 46]. He goes to St. Jim’s [G 142], where he gradually reforms following the arrival of his minor [G 451].

LIMBURGER One of the pupils of Beechwood School, and a friend of Hoffman’s. [M 34]

LIMBURGER, WILHELMINA A one-time member of the Fourth form at Cliff House in early Magnet stories, she had disappeared by 1917 due to anti-German sentiment during World War One. Magnet Portrait Gallery [M 257]

LIMES, THE A residential hotel on the sea-front at Folkestone. Mr George Bunter lives here. [M 1139]

LINLEY, GERALD A temporary member of the Second form, and Mark’s younger brother [M 468 by JNP].

LINLEY, MARK A member of the Remove form. Greyfriars’ Lyrics [M 288], Greyfriars’ Gallery [M 468], Magnet Portrait Gallery [M 939], Greyfriars’ Celebrities [M 1150], Greyfriars’ Correspondents [M 1194], Stately Homes of Greyfriars [M 1523], Greyfriars’ Guide [M 1566], My Own Page [M 1614]

LOANALL DISCOUNT & FINANCE FEDERATION INC. A grandiose name for Fish’s loan and pawn-broking business. [M 878 by FGC]

LOCKE, AMY or HYPATIA Dr. Locke’s younger sister, she graduated from Girton College. She visited Greyfriars briefly, as a temporary replacement for Mr Quelch, and found the Remove difficult to deal with. [M 28 reprinted G 1521-1522]. She visited again, and persuaded the Sixth Form Debating Society to consider the cause of women’s suffrage, which quickly degenerated into farce when Temple proposed votes for boys. [M 50]. She became the senior mistress at Cliff House for a while, and accompanied the girls when they came to stay at Greyfriars whilst Cliff House was undergoing structural repairs. [M 68-70] She was also in charge of the Cliff House girls who stayed at Cyrus Hunker’s cinema school. [M 660-664]. Greyfriars’ Gallery [M 556]

LOCKE, FERRERS The cousin of Dr. Locke, headmaster of Greyfriars. He originally appeared in early Gem stories, and at one point looked likely to take Tom Merry on as an assistant. However, he transferred his allegiance to the Magnet and often appeared to resolve mysteries great and small. He eventually takes on Jack Drake as an assistant after he has left the Benbow and come to Greyfriars. [Greyfriars’ Herald 2nd series & Boys’ Herald] He also appeared in a number of serial stories in the Magnet, originally written by Owen Conquest, but soon taken over by Hedley Scott [HPO], who also wrote serials for the Modern Boy and the Popular.

He originally appeared on the track of Amos Keene, in the pay of Phillip Phipps and out to disinherit Tom Merry [G 1/14, 1/19]. He accepted the help of St. Jim’s juniors in capturing Ben the Puncher [G 1/40]. He then recruited Tom’s help in tracking down and capturing Nobbler Jim, twice. [G 1/45, 2/3] He refused Skimpole’s offer to become his assistant [G 2/7], found Tom Merry when he was kidnapped [G 2/23], helped find Skimpole’s missing airship plans [G 2/26], and resolved the case of the Mysterious X. [G 247-248]. He made a final appearance at St. Jim’s in GHA 1940.

He first appeared in the Magnet when he rescued new boy Roderick Sylvester from kidnappers [M 345]. Skinner tried to spoof him by “stealing” Bunter’s watch, and Wibley tried by posing as a “Colonel Cholmondeley”, but both to no avail. [M 360] He bowled out Cecil Snaith, causing his expulsion, when Paul Sydney was accused of theft [M 403], exposed Fish as the author of anonymous letters to Mr Quelch [M 420]; cleared Skinner of stealing Mauleverer’s banknotes, by discovering the thief to be Mrs Mimble’s son, Reginald Bertie Cecil Fitzroy Mimble, aka Nosey [M 457]; and tracked down Douglas Marsh, who was posing as a private detective Roland Smale, and had rescued Wibley from drowning. [M 495 by ESB] He exposed Gideon Gaunt on board the Silver Scud [M 755-759], cleared Paul Dallas’ name following Smithy’s machinations [M 1002], and solved the Ravenspur Grange murders. [M 1124-1125] He escorted Wun Lung to China to keep him from the clutches of the mandarin Tang Wang, even solving Captain Durie’s disappearance on the voyage home. [M 1175-1186] He also resolved the Cavandale Abbey case [M 1191-1194], arrested Slimy Sugden and freed Wharton whilst on the track of the Wizard [M 1217-1219], and brought Jimmy the Fox and his gang to justice. [M 1419-1421] He gained employment as a stableman named Robinson to catch Muccolini spying [M 1488-1490], and used the same alias as the Head’s chauffeur whilst tracking down Slim Jim. [M 1663-1675]

He additionally appeared in tales of Teddy Baxter & Co. at Claremont, created for Chuckles by Prosper Howard circa 1916-1918. Locke rescued Baxter from the London slums and assumed the role of his guardian, sending him to the Third form at Claremont, until his real father turned up. In one story, Claremont played the St. Jim’s Third Form XI, captained by Wally D’Arcy. [cf. Paul Sydney]. Greyfriars’ Gallery [M 551]

Short Stories in the Magnet by Owen Conquest ran as follows:


The Death Thorn


The Man from Chinatown


The Terror at the Grange


The House of the Blue Mist


The Case of the Smugglers


The Treasure of Wong Moh


The Yellow Spider


The Raid on the Hoa Hangs


The Clue in the Skull


The Clue of the Golden Disc


A Mid-Ocean Mystery


The Two Tunnels Mystery


The Roof Garden Mystery


The Black Bull of Bareda


The Cougar Bluff Hold-up


The Case of the Coiner


The Case of the Cattle Boat


The Theft at Scotland Yard


The Sign of the Flaming Torch


The Case of the Haunted House


The Face on the Film


The Great Turf Swindle


The Peril of a Prince


The Invisible Knife


The Phantom Highwayman


The Eleventh Event


The Mystery of the Morne Light


The House of the Seven Candles


The Man in the Light Blue Vest


The Third Brother


Tracking Down Tracey


The Silver Hawk


The Clue of the Eighth Chair


The Snake's Tooth


The Missing Mummy


Dead or Alive?


A Hound on the Trail


Rogues of the Turf


The Return of Mr Fang


Serial Stories in the Magnet by Hedley Scott [HPO] ran as follows:

814 -


The Brotherhood of the White Heather

Reprinted in BFL 2/147

823 -


A Marked Man

reprinted from Pop c.1920

835 -


The Yellow Claw

Reprinted in BFL 2/31

846 -


The Quest For the Purple Sandals


867 -


Four Against the World

Reprinted in BFL 2/159



The Deputy Detective


893 -


The Golden Pyramid


902 -


The Sporting Detective

Reprinted in BFL 2/99

910 -


The Veldt Trail


920 -


The Phantom Bat


938 -


The Case of the Langsdale Wanderers

Reprinted in BFL 2/123

948 -


The Phantom of the Dogger Bank

Reprinted in BFL 2/155

981 -


The Mystery of Flying V Ranch

Reprinted in BFL 2/163

1063 -


The Lord of Lost Island


1075 -


The Toughest Team in the League


1252 -


Wings of War

Reprinted in BFL 2/373

1297 -


Nobby the Shooting Star

Reprinted in BFL 2/401

1358 -


The Man Behind the Scenes


LOCKE, DOCTOR HENRY HERBERT The Headmaster of Greyfriars and a Doctor of Divinity. Greyfriars’ Gallery [M 496], Greyfriars’ Heroes [M 1229], Stately Homes of Greyfriars [M 1513], Greyfriars’ Guide [M 1567]

LOCKE, MOLLY Dr Locke’s younger daughter, age 11.

LOCKE ROSIE or ROSALIE Dr Locke’s older daughter, age 17, she was rescued from the circus, where she had been Madame Rosina.

LOCKE, PERCY Dr Locke’s nephew or son.

LODER, GERALD ASSHETON A member of the Sixth Form. Made a prefect when Carberry was expelled [M 107]. Greyfriars’ Gallery [M 491],Magnet Portrait Gallery [M 948], Greyfriars’ Celebrities [M 1167],Greyfriars’ Heroes [M 1257] Greyfriars’ Cartoons [M 1394], Greyfriars’ Interviews [M 1456], Greyfriars’ Gallery [M 1568], My Own Page [M 1633]

LOLOLO An island in the South Seas. Bunter is sent here by his father to start an office career, as his time at Greyfriars is being wasted. [Skilton 7]

LOMBARD, ANDRE Napoleon Dupont’s cousin. He was accused of theft and fled to England, although he was actually laying a false scent to allow his best friend (the real thief) Jean Lorraine time to get clear and replace the money. [M 725 by LER]

LONGLEY A one-time member of the Sixth Form.

LOOK AND LEARN [1963-1964] A short-lived experiment by the paper’s editor, the Greyfriars’ stories were reproduced in small print, very abridged, on the back page. They didn’t prove popular and were soon dropped.



Bunter’s Prize Essay Frank Richards [WLC]

M 1054




Bunter’s Barring Out Frank Richards [FGC]

M 802




Muccolini’s Circus

M 1481


LORNE A member of the Upper Fourth form.

LORRAINE, JEAN André Lombard’s best friend, a committed a theft and fled from the police. Lombard drew a false scent to give Lorraine time to get clear, but to no avail. Lorraine was eventually captured and confessed. [M 725 by LER]

LOVELL, LORD He took Tom Flynn’s place at Greyfriars [M 261].

LOWERDALE A school some distance from Greyfriars. Their junior Football XI occasionally played the Remove XI in the early Magnets. On one occasion Wun Lung was deputising for Wharton as captain, and surprised everyone by leading the team to victory. [M 55]

LUCAS A one-time member of the Sixth Form.

LUNN, HAROLD A member of the Third form.

LYLE A one-time member of the Remove form [M75].

LYNX, LARRY A boxing nom-de-plume of Larry Lascelles. [M 324].


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