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Who's Who and What's What: C

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CACA ISLAND The island in the Pacific where Black Peter Bruce’s treasure was hidden. A map showing its location was taken to Tom Redwing by Ben Dance, and a Greyfriars party was taken there during the holidays on Mr Vernon-Smith’s yacht. [M 1017-1026]

CACTUS One of the ranch hands on the Kicking Cayuse ranch. [M 1577]

CADGER, THE A footpad who tried to rob Coker with his colleagues Beaky Bill and Soapy Sanders, until strong Alonzo beat them off. [M 1345]

CADOGAN PLACE Sir Hilton Popper’s London house. [M 820]

CAESAR Marco’s chief lion in Muccolini’s circus. Bunter discovered by accident that Caesar was tame, and so was able to impress the Greyfriars and Cliff House Juniors when Caesar escaped. Marco was also impressed, and offered Bunter a job as junior lion tamer on strength of what he saw as Bunter’s bravery [M 1481-1482].

CAFFYN, EDGAR aka THE SNIPE A temporary member of the Remove and Coker’s cousin. His guardian and Miss Coker’s solicitor Mr Sarle persuaded Aunt Judy to send Caffyn to Greyfriars, with the intention of undermining Coker and disinheriting him in favour of Caffyn. Despite numerous attempts to frame Coker, Caffyn’s plans all failed, and he eventually reformed, confessing to Aunt Judy [M 1404-1412]

CALEB An old beggar who lived in Wharton Magnus. When Wun Lung once gave him a sovereign, he tried to return it thinking a mistake had been made. [M 47]

CALLAGHAN, MR Leader of the gang that stole Mr Vernon-Smith’s diary, along with Henshall and Peak. [M 746-747 by SEA]

CAMINHO, SEÑOR MANOEL The Portuguese owner of the Boa Vista concession in Kenya. He intended to sell the concession to Mr Vernon-Smith, but he was kidnapped and replaced by Perez, who intended to gain the purchase money. Bunter saw Perez practising Señor Caminho’s signature, raising Smithy’s suspicions and leading to the discovery of the imposture. [M 1230]

CANALETTI Muccolini’s contact and courier of military secrets back to Italy. [M 1490]

CANNIBALS’ CONVERSION SOCIETY The Reverend Slagg’s spurious missionary society, for which Alonzo Todd attempted to raise funds. [M 618 by FGC]

CANTER & CO Courtfield contractors. [M 786 by GRS]

CANTON A large city in the south of China, home to Wun Lung’s family. Ferrers Locke accompanied a party of Greyfriars juniors here when escorting Wun Lung home to avoid the attentions of Tang Wang [M 1182]

CAPPER, MR ALGERNON Master of the Upper Fourth. Magnet Portrait Gallery [M 264], Greyfriars’ Gallery [M 518], Greyfriars’ Guide [M 1541]

CARBERRY A prefect and member of the Sixth form until he was expelled. [M 107] After his departure Loder was promoted to a prefectship. Magnet Portrait Gallery [M 265]

CARBOY A member of the Junior team from Rylecombe Grammar School. [M 118]

CARBOY, CHRISTOPHER CLARENCE A temporary member of the Remove. [M 1078-1082]

CARCROFT A public school created by Frank Richards after World War Two. They occasionally played Greyfriars at football. [Billy Bunter’s Benefit]

CARDEW, RALPH RECKNESS A member of the Fourth Form at St. Jim’s and cousin of D’Arcy. Although affecting a supercilious air, and at times smoking and gambling; he could be a man of action when needed. He rescued Jimmy Vivian and the other Friars at Pengarth when Scaife had imprisoned them. [M 812]

CAREW, MAJOR The victim of the robbery that Vernon Carson carried out and framed Mr Mainwaring for. [M 664]

CAREY A member of the Second form, who joined in the form’s ragging of Sammy Bunter when he first arrived. [M 144]

CARFAX, JIMMY Mr Prout’s nephew. He stayed at Greyfriars for a while as his school had been damaged by fire, and helped the Remove Football XI win the Coker Challenge Cup. [M 825 by GRS]

CARFORD MAJOR A member of the Sixth Form [M 925].

CARFORD MINOR A member of the Upper Fourth Form [M 925].

CARKER, JAMES aka DR STERNDALE He was arrested for ill-treatment of the boys in his charge at Burchester Reformatory before coming to Greyfriars; although this wasn’t known when he was appointed to stand in for Dr Locke by the Governors. [M 851 by GRS]

CARKER’S RENTS A tenement area in the East End of London. It was home to Jimmy Vivian before he was discovered by Sir Reginald Brooke after his father’s death and brought to Greyfriars. [M 471]. Sir Jimmy’s friend the Spadger walked from Carker’s Rents to Greyfriars to see Jimmy, the trip taking two days. [M 491]

CARLO A Venetian gondolier employed by Tiger Bronx to kidnap Bunter. His attempt was foiled by the Famous Five and a party of St. Jim’s juniors they had just met. [M 1386]

CARLOW, ERIC A temporary member of the Remove. Working as a bootboy at a seaside B & B, he rescued Sir George Cheyne from drowning. As a governor of the school, Sir George sent Carlow to Greyfriars as a reward, in preparation for future employment in Sir George’s iron works. Carlow fell out with Frank Nugent, who thought he had been bullying Dicky; but when Carlow rescued Dicky from drowning in the Sark, they became friends. Carlow soon left to start his apprenticeship at the iron works. [M 1239-1240]

CARLTON, ARTHUR A one-time member of the Remove, even lazier than Mauleverer [M 185].

CARLYLE’S A tobacconist shop in Courtfield.

CARNE, ARTHUR A member of the Sixth form, appointed as a prefect some time after Loder. Greyfriars’ Guide [M 1542]

CARNE, MR HUBERT Arthur’s father. Carne believed his father to be working in Africa, but in reality Mr Carne was Convict 27, imprisoned in Blackmoor for a crime committed by Mr Black. He escaped once without success; but on his second escape he rescued Wingate from a watery grave in the Smuggler’s Cave; and Wingate promised to help him. Carne discovered Wingate’s promise to help the convict and used it as a hold over him, without knowing the convict’s identity. When Mr Black, a temporary Maths master at Greyfriars, tracked down the convict with Carne, he was fatally injured. Carne discovered the convict’s identity, but Mr Black confessed on his death bed, absolving Mr Carne. [M 428]

CARNFORTH, MR. JAMES After Sir Hilton Popper persuaded the Head to resign, he managed to get his nominee Mr Carnforth appointed Head. A strict disciplinarian, he decided to start with the Sixth Form; but they objected to being caned and staged a barring out, which the Remove later joined. After 3 weeks he was asked to leave and Dr Locke agreed to return. [M 743-745 cf. Mr Brander in M 1169-1174]

CARR, ALBERT A member of the Shell, he shares a study with Chowne, adjacent to that tenanted by Hobson and Hoskins.

CARSON, VERNON A movie villain employed by Cyrus Hunker, he was just as villainous in real life. He framed Mr Mainwaring for a robbery he committed and tried to force his daughter Elsie to marry him or he would lead the police to her father. He also tried to frame Wingate for the robbery of Mr Hunker’s wallet after Bunter had found it and given it to him. Eventually after having kidnapped Elsie and been tracked down, he died in a struggle with Wingate, and confessed to his crimes to clear Mr Mainwaring’s name. [M 660-664]

CARTER, ARTHUR A temporary member of the Remove and Bunter’s cousin. [M 1561-1572]

CARTER, CYRUS Actually Barney McCann in disguise, attempting (and succeeding) in kidnapping Fisher T. Fish for ransom. [M 1164]

CARTER, INSPECTOR (LANTHAM) Aided Inspector Irons on the trail of the Courtfield Cracksman [M 1146], and received Nosey and Squinney, a couple of smash and grab thieves, into custody. [M 1531]

CARTER, PETER On the trail of the bootleggers bringing illegal booze into Hollywood, and the fiancée of Leanora La Rivière, he helped rescue Coker from the bootleggers, and Harry Wharton from Myron Polk’s vengeance. [M 1103-1107]

CASCO, PEDRO A Spanish adventurer, on the trail of Captain Corkran’s ivory hoard. He trailed the Greyfriars party into the Congo but met with no success. [M 768-775]

CASEY, CAPTAIN Captain of the MV Fanny Jones, in which Colonel Wharton’s party made the journey from Port Said to Bombay. [M 964]

CASTLE A member of the Upper Fourth Form.

CASTLE, THOMAS A member of the Second form.


CHANG KO The leader of a gang of river pirates who attempted to board the Silver Star, with a view to robbing the Greyfriars party. They were eventually driven off by Ferrers Locke using a steam hose. [M 1181]

CHAPMAN, INSPECTOR (ASHWOOD) Aided Ferrers Locke in the Cavandale Abbey case. [M 1192-1194]

CHARLIE CHAPLIN FORM-MASTER [M 660 on] A picture strip.

CHARLOT, MONSIEUR A French detective on the trail of André Lombard, Napoleon Dupont’s cousin. [M 725 by LER]

CHARPENTIER A pupil at Beechwood Academy and friend of Meunier. [M 40]

CHARPENTIER, HENRI M. Charpentier’s nephew, who works in the London branch of the Banque Français. When he had to replace some missing money at the bank, he came to Mossoo for help. [M 894 by FGC]

CHARPENTIER. MONSIEUR HENRI The French Master at Greyfriars. Magnet Portrait Gallery [M 264], Greyfriars’ Gallery [M 507], Greyfriars’ Cartoons [M 1386], Stately Homes of Greyfriars [M 1526], Greyfriars’ Guide [M 1543], My Own Page [M 1617]

CHERRY, BOB [ROBERT] A member of the Remove. Greyfriars’ Lyrics [M 289], Greyfriars’ Gallery [M 462], Magnet Portrait Gallery [M 918], Greyfriars’ Celebrities [M 1140], Greyfriars’ Correspondents [M 1171], Greyfriars’ Heroes [M 1239], Greyfriars’ Cartoons [M 1376], Stately Homes of Greyfriars [M 1520],Greyfriars’ Guide [M 1544]

CHERRY, MARTHA Bob Cherry’s aunt, she invited the Famous Five to tea but unfortunately Bunter got there first. [M 870 by SEA]

CHERRY, MAJOR ROBERT Bob Cherry’s father. Greyfriars’ Gallery [M 526]

CHESHAM, MR He was brought in as a temporary form-master for the Remove when Mr Quelch was ill. A faddist where diet, exercise and daily regimen were concerned, he roused the Remove’s wrath by banning study teas, regulating the school diet and prescribing quack medicines for every ailment. The Remove decided on a scheme of passive resistance, but when the Head caught Wharton & Cherry smuggling food in at night, Mr Chesham was forced to resign [M 23-25]. He returned later, again to stand in for Mr Quelch [M 88-90]


CHIPPY The porter at Friardale station. [M 18]

CHOLMONDELEY, ARTHUR aka TATTERS A temporary member of the Remove form [M 1195-1203]

CHOLMONDELEY, CLIVE His place was taken by Tom Handley [M 301]

CHOLMONDELEY, COLONEL An invention of Wibley’s to try and spoof Ferrers Locke into believing a German spy scare. Needless to say, Locke saw through the disguise. [M 360]

CHOWNE, CHOLMONDELEY A member of the Shell, he shares a study with Carr, adjacent to that tenanted by Hobson and Hoskins.

CHRISTMAS SHOWS [1958-1963] They were all written by Maurice McLoughlin and put on at Christmas at one of the London theatres, usually the Victoria Palace; and starring Gerald Campion as Billy Bunter.

CHUCKLES An Amalgamated Press comic for younger readers that commenced publishing in 1913. It featured short original Greyfriars stories c. 1913-1914; and stories of Teddy Baxter & Co. at Claremont School by Prosper Howard from 1916-1918. The Greyfriars Remove occasionally played Claremont at football.

CHUMGUM, CHARLES A temporary member of the Remove [M 378].

CHURCHILL, LUKE A member of the Shell form.

CHUTNEY, MAJOR GEORGE An old soldier friend of Colonel Wharton’s. He had a run in with the Removites on the train journey from Greyfriars to Wharton Lodge before the Removites knew he was also a guest of Colonel Wharton’s; but when they got to know him, he proved crusty but friendly [M 17].

CLANCY A member of the Shell form.

CLARE, ARTHUR Actually Frank Courtenay, when he first came to Highcliffe. See BOY WITHOUT A NAME, THE and RIVALS AND CHUMS.

CLAVERING, LEONARD A temporary member of the Remove, whose place was taken by Tom Redwing. [M 517-522]

CLAVERING, SIDNEY A one-time member of the Remove who left in M 204.

CLEEK A one-time member of the Sixth form at Greyfriars, friendly with Carberry. [M 30]

CLEGG A member of the Third form. When Bunter discovered that Clegg was interested in hypnotism, he persuaded Clegg to buy Professor Foozleum’s book, so saving Bunter 5/- to spend on tuck. [M 29]

CLEGG, UNCLE GEORGE Proprietor of the local provisions and tea shop in Friardale. A crusty and suspicious old man, often afflicted with deafness, and intolerant of Bunter’s postal orders. Magnet Portrait Gallery [M 259], Greyfriars’ Gallery [M 542]

CLEVELAND, COLONEL Hubert Osborne’s guardian and uncle, a colonel in the Indian Army. When Osborne was expelled from St. Wode’s, he had his name legally changed to Cleveland to conceal his past. [M 279]


CLIFF HOUSE A girls' boarding school a few miles from Greyfriars. Bessie Bunter, Marjorie Hazeldene and Clara Trevelyn are all pupils in the Fourth Form.

CLIFTONVILLE A seaside resort near Margate on the south coast. The party aboard the Silver Scud stopped here to play cricket. [M 757]

CLIMPSON Recruited by Trumper with Brooker to play for Courtfield Council School F.C., he was dropped after one game for unsporting play. He then formed the Courtfield Crusaders to try and win Alderman Moore’s £100 subsidy, but lost to Trumper’s team. [M 785 by FGC]

CLOTILDE The Queen of the Ring and one of the star attractions of Tompsonio’s Circus. [M 894 by FGC]

CLUTCH OF THE CROOK, THE A gangster film Bunter went to see that so impressed him he considered using such drastic methods on Mr Quelch. [M 748]

CLYNE, INSPECTOR (CID) In search of Snoop’s father, then an escaped convict, he was rescued from a burning building by Mr Snoop, so giving Mr Snoop a pardon from his crimes. [M 537]

COFFIN The butcher’s boy from Piverton in Devon. His round included deliveries to the house at Polpelly. [M 1454]

COHEN, MR A Courtfield moneylender who sometimes frequented card parties at the Cross Keys. Loder fell into his clutches by meeting him here. [M 937 by ?]

COKER, HORACE First mentioned as being in the Shell, and friends with Hobson and Pimble [M 143], he was moved into the Fifth form following the intervention of his aunt Judy [M 145]. Greyfriars’ Celebrities [M 900], Greyfriars’ Celebrities [M 1148], Greyfriars’ Correspondents [M 1170], Greyfriars’ Heroes [M 1240], Rhymes of the Remove [M 1364], Greyfriars’ Cartoons [M 1379], Stately Homes of Greyfriars [M 1508], Greyfriars’ Guide [M 1545], My Own Page [M 1642], Greyfriars’ Portrait Gallery [M 1682]

COKER, REGINALD Horace Coker’s younger brother, who makes up for in brain power what he lacks in brawn. He was placed in the Sixth Form upon arriving at Greyfriars. [M 241]

COMET, THE [1950-1958] Ran a number of Greyfriars comic strips, some based on original stories, some on earlier Magnet stories.

COMPTON, RICHARD aka RAGGED DICK A temporary member of the Remove. [M 906-909]

COMPTON, VALENTINE aka THE SCHOOLBOY SMUGGLER Admitted to the Fifth Form. [M 1499-1509]

CONRAD, LEONARD A member of the Third form.

CONTRASTS A series of pen and ink drawings from M 267 on, illustrating how things were done “in the good old days” and how they are now.

CONVICT 19 See WARING, GEORGE [M 1039-1041]


CONVICT 27 See CARNE, MR. and BLACK, MR. [M 428]


COOK, CLARENCE A dissolute young man, who took a tenancy on Popper Court during Sir Hilton’s absence. he invited a smart set of youths to stay with his house party, including James Warren. [M 1446]

COOK, INSPECTOR (LEYFORD) Murdered by Black Edgar whilst working on the Ravenspur Grange case. [M 1122-1123]

COOTS, MR The Friardale Postmaster, whose post-office was also general store, grocers and many other things. He often lost his patience when dealing with Alonzo Todd. [M 132] See also BRETT, MRS

CORKRAN Having tried to swindle Colonel Wharton in India and failed, he determined to take his revenge. he made several attempts to thrash the Colonel one Christmas, but was thwarted by Bunter, hiding out in the attic at Wharton Lodge as an uninvited guest. [M 1351]

CORKRAN, CAPTAIN KIT Bob Cherry’s cousin, a big game hunter and explorer. He invited the Famous Five and Bunter to accompany him to the Congo in search of a hoard of ivory, with the intention of using Bunter’s ventriloquism to control the local natives. [M 768-774]

COURTFIELD COUNCIL SCHOOL A Day School which later became a Grammar School, situated on the outskirts of Courtfield. Its catchment area included Friardale and Pegg, as well as the town of Courtfield itself. Snobs at Greyfriars and Highcliffe referred to it disparagingly as the Board School.

Fourth Form : taught by Mr Legge

Booker [M 785 by FGC]

Perkins, Lawrence [M 751]

Brown, Dicky [M 573 by JNP]

Trumper, Dick [Captain]

Climpson [M 785 by FGC]

Wayward, Jack [M 573 by JNP]

Grahame, Walter

Wickers, William Percival [M 573 by JNP]

Lazarus, Solly


Montgomery [M 573 by JNP]


COURTFIELD CRUSADERS A football team formed by Brooker and Climpson to try and win Alderman Moore’s £100 subsidy. They tried to recruit Peter Todd to play, but ended up with Alonzo, and lost their match (and the £100) to Trumper’s XI. [M 785 by FGC]

COURTENAY, FRANK Arrived at Highcliffe as Arthur Clare in 1915, a poor scholarship boy, until his real identity was discovered. In spite of being Ponsonby’s cousin, and earning the dislike of Mr Mobbs, he rose to become captain of the form, finally leading the football and cricket teams to victory against Greyfriars. As a result of his friendship De Courcy reformed, and the pair became staunch friends with the Famous Five. See BOY WITHOUT A NAME, THE and RIVALS AND CHUMS. Greyfriars’ Gallery [M 490]

COURTNEY, ARTHUR A prefect and member of the Sixth form, he was Wingate’s best friend. Due to his regard with Violet Valence he took an interest in her brother Rupert, and intervened on several occasions. When Valence was caught poaching he gave Courtney’s name to Sir Hilton Popper’s keeper. Popper sent Courtney a note inviting him to be flogged or sent before the bench. As Violet had asked him to help without knowing anything of the matter, Courtney took the flogging in Valence’s place. [M 186] He later intervened when Valence was expelled for poaching again, and eventually helped him get reinstated. [M 221 & 224]. Valence forged a cheque to try and pay a gambling debt to Jerry Hawke, but was caught in the Cross Keys during a bombing raid. Courtney rescued him from the flames, but later died from the burns. Valence left Greyfriars, presumably to enlist, and his sister Violet died of a broken heart. [M 520 by JNP] Greyfriars’ Gallery [M 503]

CRADDOCK, DR A temporary Head, filling in whilst Dr Locke attended a conference in London. A tyrant and sadist the Second Form barred him out. Whilst trying to break the rebellion, it was discovered that he had in fact been embezzling school funds, and he was arrested. [M 840 by FGC]

CRAKKO, SIGNOR The lion tamer at Tompsonio’s circus. [M 894 by FGC]

CRANE, LUCAS Johnny Bull’s cousin and bad hat. He attempted to lead Johnny astray and so discredit him in Aunt Tabitha’s eyes, to cut Johnny out as her heir. [M 156 cf. Friedrich Falke in M 367-368 & 376]

CREEPER AND CRAWLER, THE The Remove’s nickname for Mr Smedley, a temporary form master, due to his habit of sneaking up on people unawares, and eavesdropping at inopportune moments in his attempts to get Vernon-Smith expelled. [M 1360-1373]



CRUMM, HENRY A temporary member of the Remove [M 1050-1052].

CRUMP, PC (FRIARDALE) PC Tozer’s locum.

CUNNINGHAM A member of Captain Donovan’s gang, who helped plunder Storm Island. [M 712 by GRS]

CURLL, MR A down-at-heel actor and cinema pianist, who became friendly with Monty Lowther at St. Jim’s, due to Lowther’s interest in the theatre. [G 332, 403 & 505] He was hired by Bunter to play the part of his imaginary elder brother “Captain Bunter”, to spoof the fellows and raise the wind, but got drunk and gave himself away. [M 469].


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