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SACHS A pupil at Beechwood Academy, and friend of Hoffman. [M 40]

SAILOR CADET CORPS. Founded when Wharton bought an old schooner at auction through Bunter’s ventriloquism. [M 53] After being shipwrecked overnight on Seagull Island, the Head forbade any further excursions. As the schooner had been broken up on the island, this was easy to comply with. [M 62]

ST. BEDE’S A lesser public school, which Skinner’s cousin attends. James Carneforth was previously Head, but forced to resign through ill-treating his pupils. Sir Hilton Popper knew nothing of this when he persuaded Dr Locke to resign so he could install Mr Carneforth as Head. [M 743]

ST. JUDE’S A school some distance from Greyfriars, whom the Remove and First XI’s occasionally play. Kuri Din was a pupil here. [M 496-497 and 516]

SALTHAVEN The main port on Storm Island. [M 712 by GRS]

SAMPSON The strongman of Tompsonio’s Circus. [M 894 by FGC]

SANKEY HALL A large house near Wharton Lodge. It was robbed by the Courtfield Cracksman whilst the Head was staying with Colonel Wharton, and General Sankey’s collection of Indian jewels stolen. [M 1141-1142]

SASSO, GUISEPPI A Maltese sailor rescued from the sea by the Silver Star en route to China. When he showed his true colours as one of Tang Wang’s assassins, Bunter unexpectedly came to the rescue. [M 1179]

SAUNDERS A one-time member of the Remove, supposedly the quietest looking boy in the form [M 25].

SCAIFE, MR The leader of a gang of drug smugglers operating out of Pengarth. When Sir Jimmy Vivian claimed the property out of Chancery, it threatened the safety of their operations. Scaife visited Greyfriars to kidnap Vivian, but caught Bunter by mistake. When the Friars arrived at Pengarth, Scaife continually tried to persuade them to leave, eventually imprisoning the party in the sea caves below the house. However, Cardew & Co. were on a walking holiday in the locality, and they rescued the Friars, so revealing Scaife’s smuggling operations to the police. [M 809-812]

SCHOOL AND SPORT A short-lived boys’ paper started by H A Hinton after he left the editorship of the Magnet in 1920. He commissioned a series of school stories featuring St. Kit’s School from Frank Richards, but as he never paid for them, Frank Richards retained copyright. They were later reprinted in the Schoolboys’ Own Library.


SCHOOLBOY’S OWN LIBRARY The brainchild of C. M. Down, it ran from 1925 to 1940, and consisted of monthly reprints of earlier Greyfriars stories culled from the Magnet. They appeared monthly, and the author, and the editor doing the revising were both paid an honorarium of 5 guineas per story. From issue 167 the SOL was expanded from 128 to 196 pages. Issue 412 was not actually printed due to World War II paper shortages.

SCHUSTER, MR A wealthy local individual. He was in the bidding for the schooner wrecked on the Shoulder, but Wharton’s bid of £110 was more than he could afford to top. [M 53]

SCOTT, JAMES A member of the Upper Fourth form.

SCRIB, MR The editor of the Friardale Echo, who ran a story concerning Bunter’s allegedly becoming a Russian Count. [M 741 by SRS]

SEACLIFF The village where John Mainwaring finally hid out to escape the police, and was arrested. [M 664]

SEAGULL ISLAND Off the South Coast of England, the Co., Marjorie and Clara were shipwrecked here. [M 62]

SEATON D’ARCY PRIZE An annual prize examination consisting of a Latin paper and a viva voce with the Head. Hazeldene cheated to win, but was caught out and confessed to the Head, so altering the result in Wharton’s favour. [M 3]

SENIOR DRAMATIC CLUB Loder was treasurer of the Sixth Form’s dramatic society. In debt due to gambling he embezzled the society’s funds, and lay the blame on Bolsover Minor, who ran away as a consequence. [M 937 by ?]

SEVERN, BOBBY A temporary member of the Second form [M 813 by GRS].

SHARK’S TOOTH ISLAND A small rocky island a short distance off the coast between Pegg and Hawkscliff. Pon and his cronies, with Skinner, wrecked Mr Redwing’s boat here, and then bribed Jim Sparks, the longshoreman who rescued them, to conceal the fact. Smithy paid Jim Sparks more to get at the truth. [M 922]

SHARPE BODDY, MR The World Wide Assurance representative who brought Gosling the news of his £1,000 windfall. [M 763]

SHARPLES, MISS An acidic woman, who responded to the advert placed by Vernon-Smith to cure Mr Prout’s baldness. Like the other callers, her services were not required. [M 763]

SHORT, DR. Sometimes Dr Pillbury’s stand-in, or possibly his predecessor. [eg. M 581 or M 905 by SRS] Magnet Portrait Gallery [M 262]

SHORT, SAM The local grocer’s errand boy. Alonzo, in helping the local poor, offered to do his round for him. He ended up dropping the delivery basket, ruining the contents, and being fought by Sam as a result. [M 137]

SHUTE, INSPECTOR (CASTLEWOOD) Received the Smiler into custody, following his attempts to kidnap Lord Reynham. [M 1559]

SIDNEY, PAUL A temporary member of the Remove form. Brought to the school by Ferrers Locke having been rescued from a life of petty crime in the slums, he is suspected of various petty thefts. Ferrers Locke investigates and catches Snaith, who is expelled. Locke then takes Sidney from Greyfriars to continue his education elsewhere [M 403].

SILVER RING BALLOT A competition in aid of St. Jeald’s London Hospital. Bunter won £20, but only by copying Linley’s solution. [M 934 by SEA]

SILVER STAR Ferrers Locke’s yacht, which took Wun Lung, Bunter and the Famous Five with Mr Locke to China [M 1178-1186].

SIMMONS, INSPECTOR (MARGATE) Arrested Chandos at Portercliffe Hall, once Smithy had his suspicions aroused by the Fishes’ disappearance. [M 1439]

SIMMONS, MR LONGFORD The junior partner in the law firm of Merrill & Simmons at Melford. [M 953-954]

SIMPSON. JOHN A member of the Third form.

SINGH, HURREE JAMSET RAM Nabob of Bhanipur and a member of the Remove form, arriving in M 6 from Herr Rosenblaum’s Beechwood Academy. Greyfriars’ Celebrities [M 1143], Greyfriars’ Correspondents [M 1176], Greyfriars’ Heroes [M 1263], Greyfriars’ Cartoons [M 1378],Greyfriars’ Interviews [M 1474], Stately Homes of Greyfriars [M 1515], Greyfriars’ Guide [M 1587]

SKINNER, HAROLD A member of the Remove form. Greyfriars’ Gallery [M 477], Magnet Portrait Gallery [M 942], Greyfriars’ Celebrities [M 1158], Greyfriars’ Correspondents [M 1177], Greyfriars’ Heroes [M 1245], Rhymes of the Remove [M 1357],Greyfriars’ Cartoons [M 1405], Greyfriars’ Interviews [M 1475], Greyfriars’ Guide [M 1588], My Own Page [M 1624]

SKINNER, JOSEPH An invention of Wibley’s to punish Skinner for being a snob, he turned up at Greyfriars to visit his nephew loudly proclaiming the source of his wealth to be the fried fish trade. [M 444 cf. Cardew’s relation in G 476, Clampe and his cousin Leslie in G 504, Snoop’s relation in M 315 & Mr Gordon in M 1498]

SKIPTON, MR One-time master of the Fifth form. [M 35]


SLYMM, MR He works in the music shop in Friardale. Wharton hired him to play accompanying music when staging Carmen, but Mr Slymm was inclined to play his own compositions unless closely watched [M 15]

SMALE, ROLAND. Actually Douglas Marsh, on the run for forgery. He poses as a private detective to Wibley and the Famous Five, but when they discover Ferrers Locke is on his track, they help him escape in recognition of his repentance and his saving Wibley from drowning. [M 495 by ESB]

SMART, MR The solicitor’s clerk in Friardale. he represented the Pegg fishermen when they clubbed together to try and buy the schooner wrecked on the Shoulder, but the bidding went too high. [M 53]

SMILEY JOE A convicted felon, who served five years in prison on the basis of Ferrers Locke’s investigations. On leaving prison he determined to take his revenge on Locke; but Paul Dallas, on the verge of running away from school, was able to warn Locke of his danger. In return. Locke helped Dallas clear his name of an offence that would have meant expulsion. [M 1002]

SMITH, EDWARD WILLIAM A member of the Fifth form, with younger brothers in the Remove and Second forms.

SMITH, HARRY A member of the Second form, with brothers in the Fifth and Remove forms.

SMITH, PERCY A new First form boy, Cobb’s nephew. He was used as a tool by Loder to try and disgrace Wally Bunter, acting Form Master, but then ran away. [M 733-734 by GRS]

SMITH, PRIVATE The name Mr Snoop assumed to enlist in the army after he escaped from prison [M 492]. After rescuing the detective on his trail from a fire, whilst secretly visiting his son, he was badly burned and given the King’s pardon; so allowing him to re-enlist under his own name [M 536-537].

SMITH, ROBERT A member of the Remove form with brothers in the Fifth and Second forms.

SMITHSON A member of the Fourth Form at Highcliffe and supporter of Courtenay.

SNAGGS, SNICKER A character in a film, The Clutch of the Crook, who impressed Bunter so much he imagined using the crook’s methods on Mr Quelch. [M 748]

SNAITH, CECIL A one-time member of the Shell. In debt to Jerry Hawke, he takes to stealing from the dormitories to try and pay his gambling debts. Suspicion falls upon new boy Paul Sydney, until Ferrers Locke intervenes and exposes Snaith who is then expelled. [M 403] He returns to visit [M 418] and again [M 817 by GRS].

SNIDER, HENRY The man to be put in possession of Penfold’s cottage by Mr Hogg the bailiff. Mauleverer gave him £5 to look for other work, and Mr Snider promptly spent a portion of it in the Red Cow. When Mr Hogg went looking for him, Snider got so irate (and full of Dutch courage) that he punched Hogg and quit. [M 277]


SNOOKS, MR The Friardale property agent for Sir Reginald Brooke. When John Penfold fell behind with the rent, he determined to put a man in possession, ignoring Mauleverer’s protestations as Sir Reginald’s nephew. After Mauleverer sent a telegram to his uncle acquainting him with the full story, Snooks was dismissed, and Mr Penfold reprieved. [M 277]

SNOOKS, MONTAGUE A temporary member of the Remove form, with daydreams of being descended from noble parents. Wibley plays up to his dreams and spoofs him. [M 814]

SNOOP, SIDNEY JAMES A member of the Remove form, arriving M 45, and sharing a study with Stott, and later Skinner as well. Greyfriars’ Gallery [M 494], Greyfriars’ Cartoons [M 1393], Greyfriars’ Interviews [M 1476], Greyfriars’ Guide [M 1589]

SNOPE, INSPECTOR (FERRYDALE) He was called upon when Marjorie Hazeldene was kidnapped by gypsies, the Removites handing Melchior and Barengro into his custody. [M 5]

SPAHI Arab troops employed by the French in Algeria to help patrol the desert frontiers. Bou Saoud was a lieutenant.

SPENCER, AUBREY Mauleverer’s cousin and double, he is a pupil at Abbeyside school. At risk of expulsion for his shady pursuits, he changes places with Mauly for a few days, and surprises the Remove with his athletic exploits, whilst Mauly lifts the threat of expulsion by living an exemplary life. [M 451 by GRS]

SPRIGGS, JIM A member of Trumper’s scout troop, and presumably a pupil at Courtfield Council School. He was a member of the troop who tried to board the Marjorie, and later joined the Cadet Corps for a sail. [M 56]

SPRING, CONRAD A temporary member of the Second form, usurer funk and thief. He is finally expelled for his shortcomings. [M 545, 549, 564-565 by JNP]

SPROWLE, SPROWLE, SPROWLE & GABBITAS The solicitors dealing with Eliza Bunter’s will. Bunter altered a letter from the to pretend that a £50 legacy [dependant on his losing weight] was actually a £5,000 legacy. [M 941 by HWT]

SQUEAKER, THE Mr Woose’s nickname, given to him when he first took over the Remove on account of his squeaky voice. [M 1392]


STACEY, INSPECTOR (WIMFORD) Probably cleaned up at the Poplars when Barney McCann’s gang was traced there [M 1165]; arrested Poindexter following the firing of the old mill [M 1208]; and arrested Freddy Paget for bank robbery. [M 1260]

STACEY, RALPH A temporary member of the Remove form. Wharton’s cousin and double, he manages to supplant Wharton as head boy and captain of the form until his real motives are exposed and he has to leave [M 1422-1433].

STANTLEY A one-time member of the Remove form.

STATELY HOMES OF GREYFRIARS [M 1505-1534] A series of articles on the Greyfriars’ characters homes.


Wharton Lodge



Donald Ogilvy at Home



Hawkscliff Cottage [Redwing]



Old China [Wun Lung]



Mauleverer Towers



The Lad from Lancashire [Mark Linley]



Coker Place



Way Down Under [Tom Brown]



Courtman Square [Vernon-Smith]



Hilton Hall



Bunter Court



M. Charpentier



The Aquarium [Fisher T. Fish]



The Upper Ten [Cecil Temple]



The Head’s House



A House in the Hills [Frank Nugent]



Moor Fell [Johnny Bull]



The Land of the Leek [David Morgan]



The Palace of Bhanipur



Monty Newland



Toddy of Bloomsbury



The Tuckshop [Jessie Mimble]



Down By The Dee [George Wingate]



Popper Court



A Tipperary Tale [Micky Desmond]



A Place of Woe [Mrs Kebble]



Cherry Place



The Station House [P.C. Tozer]


STATTON, MR ARTHUR An old friend of Mr Henry Coker, who helped him escape overseas after Statton had been scapegoated for a City swindle. Poynings used a letter from Mr Statton to Mr Coker as blackmail until the Famous Five persuaded him to part with it. [M 984]

STEWART, EDWARD A member of the Shell form.

STOKES One of the village boys in Friardale who paraded Wun Lung round the village like a Bonfire Night guy. [M 39]

STOTT, WILLIAM A member of the Remove form, arriving in M 35, and sharing a study with Snoop and later Skinner. Greyfriars’ Gallery [M 517], Greyfriars’ Interviews [M 1477], Greyfriars’ Guide [M 1589]

STRAUSS, MR A moneylender based in Courtfield. Bunter borrowed £5 off him; and Peter Todd suspected Bunter of theft as a result. Finally the origin of Bunter’s money came to light when he ran into difficulty meeting the repayments, and Newland stepped in to pay the debt. [M 462]

STORM ISLAND A small island of the coast of Pegg. [M 712 by GRS & 813 by GRS]

STUBBS, MR Jack Reynolds’ landlord, preparing to evict him for rent arrears until Smithy stepped in. [M 724 by GRS]

STUMP, CAPTAIN A seaman, rescued by Wharton from the schooner wrecked off the shoulder. [M 52]. He settles down at the Anchor pub in Pegg, and is later employed by Colonel Wharton to train the sailor cadet corps.

SYDNEY, PAUL A protégé of Ferrers Locke, who takes him from the London slums to Greyfriars as a pupil. Following a series of thefts, Sydney is suspected until Ferrers Locke bowls out Snaith of the Shell. [M 403]

SYKES A prefect and member of the Sixth Form.

SYLVESTER, ABRAHAM An American multi-millionaire, and Roderick’s father.

SYLVESTER, RODERICK Kidnapped upon arriving at Greyfriars, to extort a ransom out of his father, his disappearance was eventually solved by Ferrers Locke [M 345]. Greyfriars’ Gallery [M 541].


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