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Who's Who and What's What: D

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DA COSTA, ARTHUR A temporary member of the Remove [M 1059-1067]

DABNEY, WILLIAM A member of the Upper Fourth form. Greyfriars’ Gallery [M 538], Greyfriars’ Guide [M 1546]

DAISY A boat commandeered by the Greyfriars party to view the bay when they visited Winklegate-on-Sea one Founder’s Day holiday [M 22].

DALE An abbreviation for Friardale only used in the early red Magnets [eg. M 13]. It appears to have included a moneylender’s, pawnshop run by Mr Lazarus later removed to Courtfield, and a racecourse. See also FERRYDALE

DALLAS, PAUL A temporary member of the Remove [M 997-1004].

DARREL, ALGERNON A one-time member of the Remove [M 310].

DATCHETT A member of the Sixth form and crony of Carberry’s. He was a member of Carberry’s drinking party who drank whiskey doctored with paraffin by Cherry. [M 46]

DAYLIGHT SAVING BILL A bill presented to Parliament in 1908 by an MP called Willett, to introduce British Summer Time. The idea was enthusiastically promoted by the Remove, but Dr Locke’s experiment did not prove successful, largely due to it taking place in October and the Upper Fourth’s sabotage. [M 35]

DE COURCY, RUPERT A member of the Fourth Form at Highcliffe, often referred to as The Caterpillar. Greyfriars’ Gallery [M 493]


DELAREY, PIET A one-time member of the Remove, from South Africa, arriving in M 432 by JNP. Greyfriars’ Gallery [M 510], Greyfriars’ Guide [M 1547]

DEMPSTER A member of the Sixth form.

DERWENT, PHILLIP aka FLIP He arrived at Highcliffe at the same time as his sister arrived at Cliff House. See TWINS FROM TASMANIA, THE Greyfriars’ Gallery [M 569]

DERWENT, PHILLIPA aka FLAP She arrived at Cliff House at the same time as her brother arrived at Highcliffe. Bunter was mashed on her and managed to persuade her that her brother Flip was gambling with Ponsonby, but she wasn’t convinced for long [M 515]. See SCHOOL & SPORT and TWINS FROM TASMANIA, THE. Greyfriars’ Gallery [M 569]

DESMOND, MICKEY A member of the Remove arriving from Ireland in M 15. Greyfriars’ Gallery [M 513], Magnet Portrait Gallery [M 944], Greyfriars’ Celebrities [M 1162], Greyfriars’ Heroes [M 1248], Greyfriars’ Interviews [M 1434], Stately Homes of Greyfriars [M 1519], Greyfriars’ Guide [M 1548]

DEVARNEY, JULIAN A temporary member of the Remove [M 1126-1128].

DEXTER, FREDDY A Teddy boy, whose armchair was bought second hand by Bunter. When Dexter is released from jail, he attempts to regain the chair to retrieve his hidden loot. The Famous Five foil his attempts and eventually uncover the stolen goods. [Cassell 22]

DIGGS A member of the Second form.

DIN, KURI A friend of Hurree Singh’s from Bhanipur, he went to St. Jude’s. Hurree Singh lent him money to pay off gambling debts at the Cross Keys. Skinner took a picture of Kuri Din at the pub, and everyone assumed it was Hurree Singh, causing trouble between the Famous Five, until Singh explained about Kuri Din. [M 496-497] Hurree Singh later realised that Kuri Din was always going to be an ungrateful bad hat, and so ended the friendship. [M 516]

DOCTORS There have been a number of doctors based in Friardale, with whom Greyfriars pupils are registered. Dr Mackenzie saw some juniors who came down with stomach pains due to liquorice powder [M 18]. Dr Short could have been either Dr Pillbury’s stand-in, or possibly his predecessor. [eg. M 581, M 905 by SRS] Dr Pillsbury was the main school doctor, and often involved in long and difficult cases, such as that of Mr Harrington. [M 807] Dr Brown was the local Combermere GP, who cared for Mr Pilkins when he was injured in a car crash on his way to show Bunter Combermere Lodge. [M 911]. Bob Cherry posed as “Dr Robert” to cure Bunter of malingering. [M 1142]

DODDS A member of the Sixth form.

DOLLINGTON, MR One of Mr Plummer’s aliases, when attempting to defraud the Courtfield Cottage Hospital. [M 856 by FGC]

DONOVAN, CAPTAIN The leader of a well organised gang of thieves who attempted to plunder Storm Island one night whilst the Remove Football XI were stranded there. The attempt failed due to the bad weather and the efforts of the footballers. [M 712 by GRS] See also VERNON, JACK and RUSSELL, HERBERT

DOONE, ARTHUR A member of the Sixth form and elder brother to Percy in the Upper Fourth.

DOONE, PERCY A member of the Upper Fourth, and younger brother to Arthur.

DRAKE, ARCHIE Upon arriving at Greyfriars he challenges Cherry to a fight. Having lost, Drake explains that a condition of his staying at Greyfriars is to be the best at everything. He is good in class, but only mediocre at games. Visiting the cinema he meets Jack Verney, who has run away from school, and they arrange to swap places so Verney can win Drake’s sporting laurels. Mr Drake turns up whilst the deception is going on, and is angry. After falling into the Sark and being rescued by Verney, he is persuaded to take a more lenient view. [M 527 of 1918 by GRS]

DRAKE, JACK Originally a pupil on the Benbow, a school on an old ship moored on the Thames, which then cruised around the South Seas. [Greyfriars Herald Ist & 2nd series, GHA 1921, Boys’ Herald, partially reprinted G c. 1557 - 1663] After some time, Drake and Rodney, his best chum, went to Greyfriars, where Rodney disappeared into the background and Drake soon left to become Ferrers Locke’s assistant. [Boys’ Herald, GHA 1922, M 682] From that point on, Drake would appear as either a guest of various characters, or undercover, to solve a variety of crimes. He captured the escaped convict Bert Gunner whilst the Famous Five were on a caravan tour [M 707], tracked down the stolen Christmas candles whilst invited as one of Hurree Jamset Ram Singh’s houseguests [M 723], and was called in to track down the missing school cup [M 740 by SRS]. He also solved the mystery of the phantom of Mauleverer Towers, leading to Brian Mauleverer’s leaving the country. [M 776 reprinted GHA 1940] Disguised as Mr Robinson, he helped Ferrers Locke trap Parker as he made an attempt on Lord Cavandale’s life [M 1194]. He was helped to hide by the Famous Five when Ferrers Locke was trying to round up the Dandy’s gang for trial [M 1419-1421]. He returned undercover to Greyfriars as James Duck to expose the Greyfriars sneak thief, and ended up catching Randolph Crocker, aka Rupert Crook escaped convict. [M 1518-1525]. He finally appeared briefly to help Ferrers Locke track down Slim Jim, aka Mr Lambe. [M 1663-1675]

DREADNOUGHT, THE An Amalgamated Press comic c. 1913 which published original full-length stories of Greyfriars for a short period.

DRIVER, MR An emissary of Sprowle & Co. He came to Greyfriars to execute Miss Eliza Judith Bunter’s will, bringing a weighing machine with him. Bunter was to inherit £50 if he lost enough weight. [M 941 by HWT]

DRURY A member of the Fourth Form at Highcliffe, and one of Ponsonby’s Co.

DRURY, RICHARD aka THE GAME KID A temporary member of the Remove [M 985-990].

DUCK, JAMES Actually an alias of Jack Drake as a temporary Remove member [M 1618-1625].

DUCROT A member of Lerouge’s party of French scouts, who challenged the Remove to cricket and athletics tournaments. [M 19-20]


DUPONT, MONSIEUR A famous ventriloquist, he stopped off in Friardale to do a show at the village hall. Bunter met him in Uncle Clegg’s, and persuaded M Dupont to give him a free lesson if he persuaded enough of the remove to attend the show. [M 32]

DUPONT, EUGENE Napoleon Dupont’s step-uncle, he was a moneylender who lent money to M. Charpentier to bail out his nephew Henri Charpentier. [M 894 by FGC]

DUPONT, NAPOLEON A French member of the Remove, arriving in M 540. Greyfriars’ Interviews [M 1435], Greyfriars’ Guide [M 1549]

DURANCE, ARTHUR A temporary member of the Remove whose place was taken by Ulick Stone [M 1130-1131].

DUTTON, TOM The deaf member of the Remove, and a resident of Study No. 7. Magnet Portrait Gallery [M 260], Greyfriars’ Heroes [M 1264], Greyfriars’ Interviews [M 1436], Greyfriars’ Guide [M 1550], My Own Page [M 1618].


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